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100Ah Lithium Battery Cost for Wind or Solar Home

How much does a 12V, 24V, and 48V 100Ah lithium battery cost?

PVMars lists a unit cost of 12V, 24V, and 48V 100Ah lithium battery here.

If you want the wholesale price of a 100Ah lifepo4 battery, please click on the product page of the corresponding model to find out.

What kind of load can 12V, 24V, 48V 100Ah lithium battery power?

As independent individuals, 12V, 24V, and 48V 100Ah lithium batteries are not only ideal backup power sources for your RV, yacht, golf cart, and other equipment but also a reliable energy partner for your various loads (electrical equipment).

In the booming development of renewable energy, lithium batteries play a core energy storage role due to their excellent performance.

They efficiently collect the green electricity produced by solar panels and wind turbines during the day and night, integrating perfectly with PVMars’ smart inverters.

Provide you with a stable, efficient, and 24-hour uninterrupted power supply for homes, hotels, factories, farms, schools, and remote areas lacking power.

This not only demonstrates the excellent performance of lithium batteries but also brings unprecedented convenience and comfort to your life and work.

Application scenarios of lithium batteries

How many hours can 12V, 24V, and 48V 100Ah lithium batteries power your home?

This core issue is closely related to your daily use time, load power, and battery capacity.

Assuming that a 1000w electrical load (such as an air conditioner) at home needs to run for 3 hours, it will require approximately 3 x 1000w = 3kWh battery capacity to power it.

Among them, a 48v 100ah lithium battery can power your 1000w home appliances for up to 5 hours.

24v 100ah lithium battery can power your 1000w home appliance for up to 3 hours.

12v 100ah lithium battery can power your 1000w home appliance for up to 1.5 hours.

Please note: Lithium batteries are recyclable rechargeable batteries.

When you use their capacity to 100% (i.e. 100% DOD), the 100Ah lithium battery pack can continue to provide power to your home about 3,000 times.

This means that after 48v 100ah powers your 1000w home appliance for 5 hours, it has consumed 1 cycle.

When you fill it up again, you will have approximately 2999 power charges.

Just like using a mobile phone, if you frequently charge it when the battery is 0% exhausted. Over time, you will find that other people’s mobile phones have a battery life of up to 10 hours, while your phone can only last for just 5 hours before running out of battery.

Not only will this frequently interrupt your daily use, but it may also force you to replace your phone with a new one in advance.

— Of course, mobile phones are consumables. It is possible that you replaced them because of the new phone’s many functions.

ls your lithium battery 100% full capacity or not?

Therefore, PVMars recommends that you use 80% of the capacity of your lithium battery (i.e. 80% DOD) so that your 100ah lithium battery can still power your home about 5,000 times.

Converted to 365 days in a year, 5000 / 365 = 13.69.

If you use the remaining 20% capacity of the lithium battery every day on average, you can continue to use it for about 13 years.

Our factory undertakes customized battery projects.

If you have more ideas or special needs, please email specific details to [email protected] and let our expert team provide you with more professional opinions or solutions.

What is the installation area of 12V, 24V, and 48V 100Ah lithium battery?

The installation area of the 12V 100Ah lithium battery is 0.012 square meters, its dimensions are 329mm (L) * 172mm (W) * 214mm (H), and its weight is 14.7 kg.

24V 100Ah rack-mounted lithium battery is 0.02 square meters, its dimensions are 443*400*90mm, and its weight is 25 kg.

48V 100Ah powerwall lithium battery is 0.06 square meters, its dimensions are 450*163*750mm, and its weight is 55 kg.

How long does it take to charge 12V, 24V, and 48V 100Ah lithium battery?

It depends on the solar panels/wind turbines, or the utility grid/diesel generators are charged.

Generally, the charging voltage of the public utility grid is relatively high (220VAC-380VAC), so a 12V 24V 48V 100Ah lithium battery can be fully charged within 30 minutes. (Excluding sudden power outages).

It is worth noting that after the lithium battery is fully charged, how to automatically stop charging?

Here you need to add a PVMars charge controller to prevent battery overcharging.

MPPT refers to Maximum Power Point Tracking, which functions to ensure that the solar panels always work at their maximum power point, thus increasing the power generation efficiency of the solar system.

What is the discharge time of 12V, 24V, and 48V 100Ah lithium battery?

In short, the discharge time of lithium batteries is directly affected by the load size and discharge rate. The two are closely related and cannot be ignored.

C stands for the abbreviation of capacity, 1C = 10A, 2C = 20A. Assume that 48V 100Ah is calculated according to the discharge rate of 2C, 100 / 20 = 5 hours.

Originally, the 48V 100Ah lithium battery could be discharged for 5 hours, but if it is powered, the load is an air conditioner (2000W). Then the discharge rate will increase, and the discharge may end in 3 hours.

If you need to extend the discharge time, PVMars recommends you use a larger capacity battery (ranging from 200ah-400ah).

What is the delivery time for a 100Ah lithium battery?

Lithium batteries are generally not in stock.

Due to the characteristics of lithium batteries, if the battery is not used for a long time, the battery needs to be fully charged and activated every 3 months to maintain battery activity.

Otherwise, the capacity and life of the lithium battery will be reduced.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly the best choice to buy lithium batteries with the latest production date to ensure their optimal performance and lifespan.

Lithium battery production and shipment flow chart

Standard battery delivery time: Sample: 15-20 days, Bulk order (more than 50 units): 25-30 days.

Customized battery delivery time: Sample: 30-40 days, Bulk order (more than 50 units): 30-40 days.

Transportation methods: sea transportation, air transportation, express delivery, railway, etc.

We know that the safety of batteries during transportation is crucial, so we have selected top-quality pearl cotton, UN-certified cartons/plywood, and sturdy and durable plastic pallets to create a comprehensive protection system for your batteries.

These professional packaging materials are not only effectively shock-proof.

Pressure-resistant but also moisture-proof, and dust-proof, ensuring that your batteries are safe and worry-free during transportation, making your choice more secure and trustworthy.

lithium battery packing

Maintenance and support

Lithium batteries are maintenance-free. Regularly vacuuming out the dust inside will allow it to continue working properly.

We provide a free warranty of 6 years, and a paid warranty until the product’s end of lifespan.

For customers with close cooperation, PVMars will conduct regular expert return visits (such as going to the installation site for inspection) every 3-6 months.

If you have an installation team, we offer free online and offline training.

Wall mounted lithium battery

Ensure your lithium battery product quality

PVMARS invites third-party authorities to conduct QC safety inspections before each shipment – such as Bureau Veritas, CCIC, Intertek, etc.

Make sure the quality of your goods is excellent and can be imported into your country.

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