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100kW Solar System Saves Hotel A Ton Of Electricity In Saipan

In the vast Pacific Ocean, Saipan attracts tourists from all over the world with its unique tropical style.

However, this beautiful island also faces a tight power supply and high electricity bills.

Especially during the peak tourist season, hotels’ power demand surges, and electricity bills become a large expense.

Today, this problem has been effectively solved – a local hotel successfully introduced a 100kW solar system from PVMars, achieving significant savings in electricity bills.

How many appliances (loads) can a 100kW solar system supply?

The initial investment of a commercial solar energy storage system is higher than that of a home solar system, so considering the customer’s budget and calculated by PVMars’ professional technicians, we recommend a 100kW solar system.

Among them, the 100kW solar system can power the hotel’s basic loads, including the restaurant’s central air conditioner (starting power is about 20kW), refrigeration equipment (starting power is 10kW), laundry facilities (10kW), television (5kW), lighting (10kW) and kitchen equipment (15kW), etc.

The remaining power will be used to supply the hotel’s luxury guest rooms (approximately 30kW).

It is not difficult to design a solar energy storage system. To become a solar engineer, just read this article “How to Design a Solar System“.

What kind of load in home and use solar energy system

How does a 100kW solar system power a hotel?

During the day, 100kW solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity to meet hotel electricity needs.

At night or on cloudy and rainy days, the lithium battery can continuously power the hotel.

If the battery power is insufficient, PVMars’ IGBT inverter will automatically transfer to the utility grid or diesel generator for supplementary power within 0.4 seconds.

Because inductive loads like air conditioners are extremely sensitive to electricity, they will automatically shut down once a power outage occurs for more than 0.7 seconds.

Stronger IGBT Inverter from PVMars solar

If power outages occur frequently, air conditioners and other loads can be damaged.

The IGBT inverter configured in PVMars’ 100kW solar system can avoid this problem and ensure a stable power supply to the hotel by using hybrid power operation.

It is worth mentioning that the 100kW solar system is equipped with a LifePO4 battery system with a capacity of 512V/600AH (307.2KWH).

PVMars lithium batteries use lithium iron phosphate batteries, known for their long life (15 years) and safe performance.

PVMars use lifePO4 battery in 100kw solar system

This means that the hotel can rely on this 100kW solar system for a long time without frequent battery replacement, reducing maintenance costs.

About “How long can this 100kW solar system power the hotel at night?” Click “Battery Power Time” to get more detailed information — PVMars will not go into details in this case.

Why choose a solar system to power your hotel?

Located in Saipan, this hotel features luxurious guest rooms, restaurants, conference facilities, and more.

Before the introduction of the solar system, the hotel mainly relied on the island’s utility grid for electricity.

Electricity expenses account for a lot of operating costs. To reduce electricity bills and environmental impact, the hotel introduced a renewable energy system.

Among them, solar energy is the richest renewable resource on Saipan, so solar energy systems are their primary choice.

Saipan hotel map

When selecting suppliers, the hotel owner initially considered sourcing solar system components from local suppliers. However, after learning about PVMars’ services, they changed their minds.

PVMars’ 100kW solar system has competitive prices, on-time delivery, and humanized customized services.

It also provides English installation manuals and remote guidance services, and can even send engineers to Saipan for on-site installation support.

The hotel owner felt reassured by this comprehensive service and ultimately purchased the entire system from PVMars.

PVMARS provide a full set energy storage system

PVMars solar energy company's flexibility and professionalism

During the installation of the 100kW solar system, PVMars’ engineers provided detailed roof installation drawings, 3D visualizations, and system installation diagrams.

This was to ensure a smooth installation.

3D solar panels setup on the Saipan hotel's rooftop

Today, the hotel’s solar panels have been neatly installed on the roof, bringing a steady stream of clean electricity to the hotel.

How much energy does a 100kw solar system produce?

Since installing PVMars’ solar system, hotel electricity bills have significantly decreased.

The hotel has reduced its electricity bills by at least 80% through a 100kW solar system.

This not only eases the hotel’s operating cost pressure but also improves the hotel’s environmental image and attracts more environmentally conscious tourists.

In addition, the introduction of this solar system has also brought additional revenue to the hotel.

Since the hotel has achieved self-sufficiency in power and no longer relies on the public utility grid, the hotel can maintain stable operations when power is tight or electricity prices rise, avoiding power problems that may affect customer experience.

Future trends

This success case has attracted widespread attention in Saipan and the entire tourism industry.

More and more hotels and businesses are paying attention to solar energy systems, hoping to reduce electricity bills and improve operational efficiency by introducing this technology.

PVMars’ solar energy system has become a popular choice due to its high efficiency, stability, and environmental protection.

By introducing PVMars’ 100kW solar system, this hotel in Saipan saved significant electricity bills. This injects new life into hotel sustainable development.

This case demonstrates the huge potential of solar energy systems.

It also provides useful reference and inspiration for other business owners who are short on electricity and have expensive electricity bills.

Ayla Zhu is a content developer at PVMARS Solar. She has done her bachelors in English and master’s in Sociology. Prior to PVMARS, Ayla worked as a writer for different brands from the health, aviation, and pharma industries. She is passionate about sustainability and is currently exploring all things renewable energy!

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