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150kW Renewable Energy Storage With Li Battery For DR Congo

It is a set of solar renewable energy storage systems that provide continuous power to palm oil factories and plantations.

You may be wondering, does that factory really need 150kW of electricity for a palm oil factory? Let PVMARS tell you why.

Background to the project

Palm oil plantations--150kw-1

Palm oil is one of the main industries in the DRC, with a large annual production and export volume.

One of our users, Mr. Chabu, owns 2000 acres of palm oil plantations and has built a processing plant to extract palm oil.

Palm oil plantations--150kw

A 50kW diesel generator was installed next to his office.

When the utility grid suddenly stops supplying electricity, the diesel generator rumbles very loudly.

Sometimes he worked in an office and was startled by the sudden sound.

After several times of noise pollution, Mr.Chabu wanted to move the noise-generating machine, but it could only be installed there due to electrical problems throughout the factory.

Mr. Chabu had no choice but to reduce his office visits, but that was not the best plan for the future.

One day, Mr. Chabu visited a friend’s home and found that the usually frugal friend had turned on the air conditioner for this time. He was lying on the sofa reading a book with a happy expression on his face.

After Mr. Chabu asked curious questions, he learned that they had installed a solar energy storage system. He saw neat rows of solar panels appear in front of him, and at that moment he understood what would replace the diesel generator.

3kw solar power system

150kW solar renewable energy storage system design

Through his friend’s introduction, he contacted the PVMARS solar factory. After communicating with Mr. Chabu via video, we learned about his needs.

Mr. Chabu wants to overhaul his factory this time, replacing old equipment with new, efficient equipment.

Including Crusher, Digester, Centrifuge, Dryer, etc., We hope we can help him purchase in China. Although PVMARS does not purchase the above equipment professionally, our mission is “We only care about how YOU feel”.

And our solar energy storage system will eventually power these new production facilities.

Therefore, in the process of purchasing, we can be more familiar with Mr. Chabu’s palm oil factory to design solar energy storage systems.

The average electricity consumption of the factory and palm oil plantation from 9 am to 4 pm is about 300kWh. Through the factory address, an online query learned that the average sunshine time is about 5 hours. Solar panels can be designed to be 60kW without considering battery charge storage. Formula: 60kW x 5h = 300kWh

Because palm oil is seasonal, the factory sometimes works until 9 p.m., Mr. Chabu said. We need to calculate the average battery backup time.

Assuming that solar energy runs down at 6 o’clock, from 6 pm to 9 pm, it needs at least 3 hours of power backup time. Since the plantation will not operate at night, it can reduce power consumption, by about 40kWh on average. To avoid insufficient power supply, we designed a 150kWh lithium battery as a backup at night.

Then the solar panels will increase because, in addition to the daytime power supply to the factory and plantation, it also needs to charge a full 150kWh of lithium batteries, plus the line loss problem. We designed 100kW solar panels.

So why finally is a 150kW solar energy storage system?

This is because the new device ( Crusher, Digester, Centrifuge, Dryer, etc ), mentioned earlier, is an inductive load.

What is an inductive load?

inductive load start-up-current curve

An inductive load generates a magnetic field when current flows through it. This magnetic field changes in the opposite direction of the current, resulting in a lag power factor.

Colloquially, it is 10kW rated power equipment, at the moment of start-up, the power will soar to 30kW or even 60kW. Although it is only a moment of startup time (a mere 0.5 seconds later, the rated power of 10kW will be restored).

However, the impact energy of 30kW-60kW at this moment should not be underestimated.

If your solar system is only 10kW, it will cause your solar system to be damaged by strong current impact. At this point, you will waste time and money repairing your solar system again.

Therefore, to avoid this accident, we communicated with Mr. Chabu. Can these new devices be started one by one?

Mr. Chabu is a thoughtful boss. He understood and agreed with our professional explanation, and the factory equipment can be started one by one.

In addition, he proposed some other ideas, because lithium batteries are more expensive, and gel batteries will take up more space. Put forward the idea of wind power combined with solar power.

Hybrid solar-wind power system

In fact, this system is very simple, it is a combination of wind turbine and photovoltaic. We need to know if your area is really suitable for the installation of wind power.

Please click the following figure, fill in your installation address, and modify the height to 10m. If the wind speed is only 2m/s, the installation place is not suitable for the wind turbine installation.

Wind speed must be at least 5m/s to be suitable for wind energy systems.

In the case of Mr. Chabu, his factory areas have high turbulence levels. Turbulence is caused by changes in wind speed and direction. It can vibrate wind turbines and damage them.

150kw solar power system for factory

After several rounds of consultation, we finally finalized the design of a 150kW inverter +100kWh lithium battery +80kW solar panel.

Below is a picture of Mr. Chabu sharing the solar lithium battery energy storage system installed.

Palm oil plantations--150kw solar controller with PV combiner
Mr. Liu
Mr. Liu is an experienced engineer of PVMARS with in-depth research on photovoltaic and wind energy aspects. As an excellent solar installer, he has always been passionate about all aspects of domestic and industrial and commercial solar projects.

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We sincerely hope to work with like-minded partners. Win-win cooperation to achieve harmonious coexistence between mankind and nature.

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