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15kW Solar Backup Battery Systems for Hospitals in Somalia

The 15kW three-phase off-grid solar power backup system was designed by PVMARS Solar for a non-profit hospital in Somalia. Continuously and efficiently supplies power 24 hours a day.

This is a hospital built by a non-profit organization

Background of the project:

This is a hospital built by a non-profit organization. Mr. Mxx (protecting user privacy) is one of the hospital people in charge. Since its establishment, he has considered the power supply issue.

Somalia’s electricity supply situation is unique. The country has the lowest electricity penetration rate in the world, with only 15% of the population having access to electricity.

In rural areas, such as where the hospital will be built, that number drops to 2%.

The unreliable power supply is mainly due to infrastructure damage caused by years of conflict and natural disasters such as floods. This damage destroyed power lines and other power distribution equipment.

To ensure hospitals can provide life-saving surgical conditions in a timely manner, a 24/7 uninterrupted power supply is essential.

Mr. Mxx was finally attracted to PVMARS’ backup power solution through research and comparison.

How to design a solar power backup system?

1- Need to know what kind of equipment needs a power supply. This hospital’s equipment includes:

  • Operating lights
  • IV pumps
  • Suction machines
  • EKG machines
  • Bedside monitors
  • Laparoscopes
  • Laboratory equipment and other precision instruments.


A stable power supply is often the most important factor for these precision instruments. If a diesel generator is used, it will have a major impact on precision instruments.

This is because diesel generators produce a wider range of frequencies and voltages than the utility grid.

It can cause problems such as electric current fluctuations, transients, frequency fluctuations, etc., which can damage or disrupt precision instruments.

At the beginning of the design, PVMARS understood the high requirements of precision instruments for voltage, current, and frequency stability.

So our solar inverter adopts Mitsubishi IGBT modules.

This module can handle high voltage, eliminating the problem of boosting voltage after solar DC power is converted to AC power. It can also improve 24-hour uninterrupted power supply efficiency.

To learn more about IGBT inverters, click here.

Stronger IGBT Inverter from PVMars solar

2- Power consumption time

Although Mr. Mxxx requires a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, we know that is impossible.

With 16 years’ experience in the field, PVMARS understands that if the above equipment operates 24 hours a day, substantial capital investments are necessary.

As a matter of fact, we only need to ensure that the above equipment operates normally when needed.

15kw solar system installation people in hospital

The above main equipment requires about 5kW, and the average usage rate is 1-2 times.

For this kind of situation, we have designed a 15kW three-phase off-grid solar power backup system accordingly.

This system includes a 60kwh gel battery as a backup power resource at night and early morning.

During the day, half-cell solar panels generate electricity efficiently, with a higher conversion rate. This can provide more power output for the same surface area than traditional solar panels.

If you want to know more about the latest information on solar panel technology, please contact us.

advanced and efficient photovoltaic panel cell

How to install a solar backup system?

PVMARS provides installation instructions, installation videos, and online one-to-one installation guidance, and dispatches senior technicians to assist with installation and other services.

For great projects like hospitals, we highly recommend that PVMARS technicians participate in solar system installation.

In order to ensure that the solar system is accurately connected to the hospital grid system and to provide local people with a safe and reliable power supply.

So we sent Tom, a senior technician, to assist local electricians to complete the 7-day solar system installation and training on how to use solar power generation equipment.

If you are reading this and want to know how to install this solar backup system, please click here for more information.

More ways to save electricity

In addition to solar power backup systems, there are many effective ways to save power.

For example, this hospital needs air conditioners to keep laboratory materials cool.

We recommend solar air conditioners, which can provide a cold environment and be independent of electricity.

Happy customer using hybrid vacuum tube solar air conditioners

Additionally, there is street lighting in the hospital at night. PVMARS can offer intelligent integrated solar-led street lights with a monitor as well.

More solar products to save you money on electricity.

intelligent integrated solar-led street lights with a monitor

In summary

PVMARS provides high-quality solar solutions, IGBT inverters, and battery backup systems with half-cell solar panels to ensure reliable, uninterrupted power supply to non-profit hospitals.

With its expertise in installing solar systems, PVMARS will provide reliable support for the project. This includes equipment installation and technical support to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Ayla Zhu
Ayla Zhu is a content developer at PVMARS Solar. She has done her bachelors in English and master’s in Sociology. Prior to PVMARS, Ayla worked as a writer for different brands from the health, aviation, and pharma industries. She is passionate about sustainability and is currently exploring all things solar!

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We sincerely hope to work with like-minded partners. Win-win cooperation to achieve harmonious coexistence between mankind and nature.

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