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20kW Off-Grid Solar System for Chad Primary School

Located in Chad, a primary school without the utility grid is considering installing an off-grid solar system to supply power.

How to choose an off-grid solar company that meets your needs?

At first, Mr.Dxxx(to protect the privacy of clients), the head of Chad Primary School, only knew about the solar clean energy system but did not know what kind of solar system was suitable for this primary school.

After searching online, they found that PVMARS Solar pays attention to children’s education and actively supports public welfare. This is consistent with the concept of primary schools in Chad.

20kW Off-Grid Solar System for Chad Primary School

Through PVMARS’ professional and careful solar expert explanation, design scheme, and detailed installation process, Mr.Dxxx gradually understood and believed that PVMARS could provide a suitable solar off-grid system for them.

PVMARS is a renowned brand in the solar energy storage industry, known for its reliable and efficient energy storage systems.

These systems consist of high-quality photovoltaic panels and advanced batteries, which can absorb and store energy during the day and then release stored energy at night when needed.

This eco-friendly approach has made PVMARS a popular choice in off-grid locations like this Chad primary school.

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How off grid solar system work

Improve off-grid solar system efficiency

Chad is two-thirds desert or semi-desert. It is still very common for the dust to get into the classroom from all sides, even though the primary school is far away from the desert.

This makes them very worried about the solar energy system’s efficiency.

We recommend PERC solar panels for their added efficiency to solve this problem. Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact technology (PERC) enhances solar cell efficiency by capturing more photons.

Furthermore, with PERC panels, the school can avoid hot-spot effects, where individual cells get heated unevenly, not leading to damaging effects on the entire panel either.

PERC solar panels

The school’s area tends to accumulate dust easily, which can lead to dust build-up in the inverter lowering its efficiency also. This issue can be resolved by maintaining the inverter periodically and cleaning it regularly.

To learn more about the reasons behind inverter inefficiency and how to solve it, one can check out the FAQs on inverter articles.


We designed a 20kW off-grid solar system to meet the school’s power needs.

This system can provide power for several electrical loads, including 5 air conditioning units, lights, computers, fans, and other devices.

The PVMARS 20kW off-grid solar system provides the primary school with clean, efficient, and cost-effective energy while being environmentally friendly.

To sum up, the PVMARS solar energy storage system’s reliability and efficiency, combined with PERC solar panels and a 20kW off-grid solar system, will cater to the power needs of the Chad primary school eco-friendly.

Moreover, the school can avoid hot spots and inverter inefficiencies and enjoy off-grid solar energy usage.

Ayla Zhu
Ayla Zhu is a content developer at PVMARS Solar. She has done her bachelors in English and master’s in Sociology. Prior to PVMARS, Ayla worked as a writer for different brands from the health, aviation, and pharma industries. She is passionate about sustainability and is currently exploring all things solar!

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