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500kW Solar Panel Plant: Installation, Battery Storage Capacity, And Energy Output

This is a supplementary report on the 500kw solar panel plant project. PVMARS Solar’s professional team has been to Papua New Guinea to participate in the field survey and installation of the local airport.

The following discloses installation details.

The photovoltaic inverter (PV inverter) can only be used for grid-connected applications, and the Power Conversion System (PCS) can be used for on-grid/off-grid applications. They are exactly the same in topology.

Installed area of 500kW energy storage system

The 500kW solar panel plant consists of 840 x 600w solar panels, 15 x PV combiner boxes, 15 x MPPT solar controllers, 2 x 250kW IGBT three-phase hybrid solar inverters ( total 500kW hybrid solar inverter ), 180 x 2v2000ah gel batteries, Special battery and solar panel rack, wire and professional installation tools, etc.

PVMARS Solar free send 40 photovoltaic panels, PV combiner boxes, and a solar controller as a gift.

Solar panels will generate power differently with the change in temperature and sunshine time. For example, 600w solar panels can emit about 620w-650w energy per hour, so we give 40 solar panels to users in case of urgent need.

One thing to note is that this project took place in 2019. Now, PVMARS has made a breakthrough in temperature impact on solar panels. It has gradually developed into a more advanced and efficient photovoltaic panel cell through in-depth cooperation with Jinko. This is our breakthrough and a video about the process of producing solar panels.

advanced and efficient photovoltaic panel cell

Size of a 600Watts photovoltaic panel: 2172x1303x35mm. 800 pcs are about 25,000 sq. Ft. It’s about a football field, or two and a half tennis courts. It is possible to build a small house or apartment building on a plot this size. But for the airport project, the area still exists.

If your project doesn’t have space for solar panels, your professional engineers will look for other solutions. Or use wind power system, solar roofs, or other low-energy devices to reduce electricity consumption.

Smart people never complain about circumstances, and no matter how special your project is, PVMARS Solar has a way to help you.

Note: Installation angle and position of 500kW solar panels

Where the panels are installed depends on whether they are in the northern or southern Hemisphere.

For example, in the northern hemisphere, solar panels should face south. In the southern hemisphere, should face north.

The airport is in the southern hemisphere, so the 500kW solar panels will face north when installed. Simultaneously, the angle is also very significant, the ideal angle of the photovoltaic panel is equal to the latitude of your location.

For instance, if you live in a 30-degree latitude, your solar panels should be installed at a 30-degree angle. Note, that this is just a general guideline, the angle of installation will still change slightly due to the actual situation.

Because the location of the airport is halfway up the mountain, there is a certain angle of tilt, and the site of the solar panel sometimes accumulates water, so we customized special ground support to let it at least 1 meter high from the ground, made of waterproof and rust-proof materials to make the chaotic wire and bridge orderly, and also raised the wire and bridge to avoid the rain. Soaked in the rain for a long time.

PVMARS solar company not only sells renewable energy products, but also considers all aspects of your situation to enable our users to achieve an electricity independent lifestyle

Installation angle and position of 500kW solar panels

How much space do you need for 180 batteries?

That sounds like a lot of batteries, and it feels like a lot of room. In fact, we designed the battery rack, separated them into four layers, and left a certain distance between the top and the bottom to dissipate heat.

A 2v2000ah gel battery size: 505x367x387 mm, 180pcs about 460ft³, and 2 sets 250kw solar inverter, so the indoor space reserve is recommended to be about 480ft³, other PV combiner box and the solar controller can be installed on the wall. At 480 ft³, it’s not that big for an interior room. It is approximately a studio apartment or a small one-bedroom house.

Meanwhile, a room with 180 gel batteries is not an ordinary room. When designing the number of batteries, we also considered that it will be installed on the island surrounded by the sea. In order to prevent rust and performance degradation, we equipped this room with a ventilation system and no windows (to prevent damp gas invasion).

In addition, two 1.5hp solar DC air conditioners are installed to cool the room without consuming the power of a 500kW solar energy storage system.

500kw solar combiner and solar controller installation

Why did this project design 2V gel batteries instead of 12V?

Performance: 2V batteries have higher consistency than 12V batteries. This is because they are less prone to sulphation, which damages batteries over time.

Safety: 2V gel batteries are less leaky than 12V batteries. This is because they are airtight and prevent electrolyte leakage.

In this project, there are 8 connection ports on the surface of 2V200AH battery, and there are many connection wires in the final display.

If ordinary families want to use it, they will need to be carefully assisted by professional installers. For ordinary families, we recommend using a 12V battery or a lithium battery.

PVMARS Solar focuses on solar energy storage technology. In addition to gel batteries, we also have lithium batteries, and flow batteries are available.

In the meantime, to ensure safety, we also designed a BMS battery system, which is equivalent to adding insurance to each one.

Battery rack

What does this BMS battery system do?

Each battery is attached with its own sensor, which can sense the battery voltage, internal temperature, impedance, SOC, SOH, current, SOC, and other data.

In addition, there are two real-time monitoring UPS, a built-in network server, which can upload all the above data to your computer, and support the export of PDF, CSV, and other documents. Very suitable for projects with a large number of batteries.

If you don’t want so many batteries, PVMARS Solar has other types of batteries. After so many years of research and development, we have produced lithium batteries and flow batteries. In addition, we have increased the capacity, but also greatly improved the safety.

Your dedicated solar engineer has been waiting for a long time. Come and get a customized solar energy storage system solution for free.

How much electricity can a 500kW solar power system generate and store?

Before designing the 500kW solar battery system, our engineers had been to the site to investigate. Because the airport is located on an island, the weather is not stable, and the sunshine is about 5-6 hours a day.

However, the actual effective sunshine duration is about 4 hours. This is one of the reasons we designed 800 PCs. And there are more flights at the airport during the day, which requires more electricity.

Then we calculate the power generation of 800 pcs x 600w x 4 hours =1,920kwh per day based on 4 hours of sunshine.

How to test whether the local solar energy is sufficient
Click on the image to jump to a website that checks the sunshine conditions in your area

There are fewer flights at night, so engineers did not design more batteries, and customized them based on users’ actual needs.

180pcs x 2v x 2000ah = 720,000vah = 720kwh storage. Considering the DOD( depth of discharge ) 85% of the gel battery of 2V, the battery storage at night is about 612kwh. Note that this is designed for the basic airport project. This storage capacity is enough for the airport and the new hotel to use at night.

The DOD of lithium batteries is 90%, and the flow battery is 99%. Different batteries are suitable for different projects.

Our engineers will customize a variety of solar energy storage systems according to the actual situation and user needs.

According to Mordor Research, the global renewable energy market is growing, with photovoltaic energy accounting for a large proportion. And the International Energy Agency predicts that solar energy will lead the way in clean energy, proving that it is the most accessible, reliable and cost-effective of many renewable energy products.

If you want to upgrade your solar power system and incorporate advanced energy storage technology, choose PVMARS and let us inject new energy into your project.


Believe in PVMARS, you deserve it.


PVMARS Solar’s vision: a community with a shared future for mankind, contributing to the harmonious coexistence of mankind and nature.

Mission: To enable everyone to use renewable energy, achieve electricity freedom and independence.

Values: Passion, professionalism, warmth, innovation.

Advantages: Focus on user demand, use IOT and advanced solar energy storage technology, competitive price, global installation service.

Mr. Liu
Mr. Liu is an experienced engineer of PVMARS with in-depth research on photovoltaic and wind energy aspects. As an excellent solar installer, he has always been passionate about all aspects of domestic and industrial and commercial solar projects.

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We sincerely hope to work with like-minded partners. Win-win cooperation to achieve harmonious coexistence between mankind and nature.

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