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500kW Solar Power Plant Project

500kW Solar Power Plant Project For PNG Airport

This is an airport project on an island in Papua New Guinea that uses 500kw solar power plant as backup power.

Provide a 24-hour uninterrupted electricity supply to a control center tower that does not have the city’s main power supply and includes 15 air conditioners, 2 motors, runway lights, taxiway lights, and apron lights, etc.

The photovoltaic inverter (PV inverter) can only be used for grid-connected applications, and the Power Conversion System (PCS) can be used for on-grid/off-grid applications. They are exactly the same in topology.

Why do we design 2 sets of 250kW solar kits instead of 1 set of 500kW solar kit?

Papua New Guinea has more than 600 islands, about 200 of which are inhabited. The airport is far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The main city grid of this beautiful city does not seem to care about the airport’s electricity.

At the beginning of the business, due to the lack of power supply and instability, many evening flights were canceled. Even the normal work of flights and personnel during the day was gradually affected.

Mr. Doso, the airport head, was very distressed. He also used a diesel generator to supplement the power supply, but due to the high cost of diesel, monthly motor oil maintenance, transportation, noise, and other problems, he found that this was not a long-term solution.

At this time, other airport directors suggested solar energy, wind energy, and additional clean energy. After two months of searching and comparing different solar energy suppliers, two were finally left.

PVMARS Solar is one of them. Our founder, Mr. Li, was empathetic about their situation. After clearly understanding their requirements, he realized that it wasn’t enough. Then, he arranged for a senior engineer to investigate their airport on the spot.

Found that the weather on the island was not very stable and that their airport actually operated 24 hours a day except for the control center tower.
Also have 15 air conditioners, 2 motors, runway lights, taxiway lights, apron lights, communications system, and security system also need to work 24 hours a day.

The rest include baggage handling systems, retail stores, automated teller machines (ATMs), Wi-Fi, etc. These pieces of equipment are not essential for airport safety, but they can help passengers and staff.

After in-depth communication with airport personnel, the engineer Mr. Liu customized two units of 250kW solar energy storage systems.

One set of 250kW solar clean energy systems is used as the main power supply to replace the city power supply. The other set of 250kW solar energy systems is used as a backup power supply, total 500kW solar power.

In order to maximize users’ rights and safety, our solar inverter also adds diesel generator signal starting technology, as the last backup power supply.

This is so that the previous power generation equipment retains the role, but also to make users feel at ease.

Below is a 500kW solar power plant connection drawing. For more details, please click on the picture into our blog page.

Why not use wind power systems combine with 500kW photovoltaic power?

Mr. Doso also doubted the proposal. He wondered why not design a system that combines wind and solar power.

Mr. Liu, the engineer, considered that although the island’s wind speed is sufficient, the wind turbine needs to be installed on the pole more than 10 meters.

For places where planes often pass by and land, it is better not to install a wind power generation system. This is to avoid uneven power generation caused by convection.

Do 500kW solar panels refract light to affect the plane?

The amount of light reflected depends on the type of solar panel, the angle of the sun, and the surface of the panel. If solar panels are not designed or installed properly, they can reflect a lot of light.

This can cause glare for pilots and passengers, and even damage the aircraft structure.

PVMARS Solar certainly takes into account the importance of correctly designing and installing 500kW solar panels to prevent aircraft damage. We use solar panels designed for aviation applications.

These solar panels are typically made of materials that don’t reflect much light and are designed to dissipate heat efficiently.

1- Install solar panels to minimize glare. This can be achieved by using an anti-glare coating.

2- Install the cooling system. This can be done using fans, pumps, or radiators.

3- Monitor the PV panel for damage. This can be done by visual inspection or sensors.

By taking these precautions, solar panels can be prevented from damaging aircraft.

Mr. Doso and the directors admire PVMARS Solar for their professionalism, care, and dedication to field investigation. Through a series of consultations, the order was finalized.

About 500kW solar battery system installation

500kw solar hybrid inverter
500kw solar combiner and solar controller installation

Mr. Doso indicated that he had an installation team.

However, the site where the solar energy storage system was installed was not far from the airport, and the angle of the solar panels still needed professional cooperation. Therefore, we sent two senior engineers to the site for guidance.

Four years after the installation and operation, these two sets of 250kW solar energy storage systems are still playing their role, Mr. Doso’s airport to increase the number of flights at night and build an airport hotel.

They tell us that these 500kW solar energy storage systems not only supply electricity to their airport, but also generate electricity to supply the new hotel.

Achieve abundant power and power independence.

If you are also interested in our design, contact PVMARS Solar today. Your dedicated engineers are ready.

Mr. Liu
Mr. Liu is an experienced engineer of PVMARS with in-depth research on photovoltaic and wind energy aspects. As an excellent solar installer, he has always been passionate about all aspects of domestic and industrial and commercial solar projects.

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We sincerely hope to work with like-minded partners. Win-win cooperation to achieve harmonious coexistence between mankind and nature.

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