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5kW energy from solar supplies 24h power for offices in Philippines

The 4-story office is powered entirely by energy from solar. To one’s surprise, we use small-scale solar power systems to accomplish this.

In general, 5kW solar energy storage systems are suitable for homes and small commerce places. A 5kW model of the small solar energy storage system, manufactured by PVMars’s design can carry the 4-story building’s load equipment at this time.

How did we design and implement it?

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Why Choose Energy From Solar?

In today’s environmentally conscious world, businesses are increasingly exploring sustainable energy solutions to power their institutions.

Solar energy is one of the closest and most accessible sustainable energy sources. Click on the orange font to learn more about various renewable energy sources.

Mr. Cxx (user privacy protection) also agrees at this point, and his company is located in the Philippines, where solar energy resources are more abundant, which makes him more determined to choose solar energy as the main source of electricity.

Why choose PVMars to provide a solar energy system?

In the beginning, Mr. Cxx didn’t know about PVMars, but he got to know them through the introduction of his friend Mr. Kxx.

Mr. Kxx purchased a 5kW wind-solar hybrid system from PVMars, and it still works well. Click on the orange text to see how the scenery system works.

Mr. Cxx has learned about PVMars’ product quality and professional solar solution design capabilities. He believes that we can provide cost-effective solar solutions based on their needs.

Indeed, PVMars also fulfilled its 24H power supply requirements.

How to realize 24H power supply energy from solar?

Some solar energy systems from solar supplies 24h power for offices

Before designing a solar energy storage system, we need to understand your load conditions.

For example, Mr. Cxx’s exclusive office has a 9000btu inverter air conditioner, a refrigerator, and other inductive loads.

Other floors have light bulbs, fans, and computer equipment.

We designed a 5kW solar energy storage system, based on Mr. Cxx’s requirements for refrigerators to run 24 hours a day and to power lights at night.

Among them, this system includes a wall-mounted hybrid inverter.

5kW energy from solar supplies 24h power for offices in Philippines

The difference from the IGBT inverter (the 5kW model has IGBT and Mos tube options) is that it is light in weight, can be installed on the wall, and has a built-in MPPT solar controller. Save more space for placing the battery.

Secondly, the Mos tube material it uses comes from the American IR brand, which makes it more resistant to large surge currents.

When inductive loads such as air conditioners and refrigerators are started, the surge current is 3-10 times the rated current.

Furthermore, its price is lower than IGBT inverters, but its maximum power is only 5KW.

For loads that require more than 5kW, we recommend IGBT inverters.

Stronger IGBT Inverter from PVMars solar

For more info about designing a solar system, click on the 4 key elements of creating a solar system. This will enable you to become an expert in designing a solar system.

Life after using energy from solar:

During the day, it supplies power to computers, fans, and air conditioners on each floor.

It also provides 24hrs power for Mr. Cxx’s refrigerator, Let Mr. Cxx and his staff to enjoy iced drinks in the hot summer.

No longer worry about power outages, bringing a stuffy working environment.

PVMars’ 5kW solar energy storage system ensures a comfortable working environment, creates a positive company atmosphere, and promotes company performance improvement.

Use a 5kw solar energy storage system for my home and it can run 24 hours.
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PVMars’ 5kW solar energy storage system embodies renewable energy’s power and potential.

With energy from solar, the system effectively powers a four-story office building, providing uninterrupted power day and night.

Businesses looking for reliable, affordable, sustainable energy solutions for the future can confidently rely on PVMars to meet their power needs.

Embrace solar energy to make a positive impact on the environment and your bottom line.

About the author
Zoey Zhao is a content developer at PVMARS Solar. She has a BA in English and a MA in Journalism. Prior to joining PVMARS, Zoey worked as a writer for various brands in the automotive and construction industries. She is passionate about sustainability and is currently exploring all things renewable!

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