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AC not cooling—including hybrid vacuum tube solar aircon units?

The problem of air conditioning/AC not cooling includes many factors, so how can we avoid it?

This blog post will take the hybrid vacuum tube solar air conditioner as a starting point.

It will solve no cooling and other issues you have.


PVMARS began researching solar air conditioners in 2016 and started mass production and sales. Therefore, it became acquainted with Mr. Mango, a distributor in Mozambique.

In 2018, Mr. Mango visited our solar air conditioner factory in China. He successfully purchased a 24000 BTU DC solar air conditioner system, including batteries, controllers, and solar panels.

After 2 years, he noticed that we had launched our hybrid vacuum tube solar air conditioner. He saw a business opportunity and ordered a 20ft container of solar hybrid vacuum tube AC.

a 20ft container of solar hybrid vacuum tube AC

But in local sales, Mr. Mango’s customers have many questions about the product.

We also realize that these concerns may also exist in other customers.

Please continue reading, as you will gain something and resolve the current confusion.

What causes some AC not cool?

1- Inefficient Vacuum Tubes: The vacuum tubes in hybrid vacuum tube solar air conditioners are the key components of the system. They capture sun heat and transfer it to refrigeration.

If the vacuum tubes are not efficient, the air conditioner will not cool your home effectively. So if you use high-quality materials to make vacuum tubes, you can improve efficiency and solve the problem.

Selection of PVMARS vacuum tube material:

Borosilicate Glass: Borosilicate glass is known for its strength, durability, and thermal shock resistance. It is also an excellent heat conductor, making it ideal for vacuum tubes.

Soda Lime Glass: Soda lime glass is cheaper than borosilicate glass. It’s not as strong or durable, but it’s still a good heat conductor.

Quartz Glass: Quartz glass is known for its high melting point and transparency. It is also an effective heat conductor but costs more than borosilicate or soda lime glass.

The type of vacuum tube material used in a hybrid vacuum tube solar air conditioner will affect the overall cost of the system.

Quartz glass is the most expensive option, but also the most durable and efficient.

Soda-lime glass is the cheapest option, but it’s not as durable or efficient.

Borosilicate glass is an excellent compromise between cost and performance.

We recommend customers choose borosilicate glass for the air conditioner’s vacuum tubes.

2- Low refrigerant level: The refrigerant level in a hybrid vacuum tube solar air conditioner may need adjustment.

If the refrigerant content is low, the air conditioner may not cool effectively. Ordinary air conditioners generally use R-134A refrigerant, and the average service life is 10 years.

PVMARS’ hybrid vacuum tube solar air conditioner uses R410A, which is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant, which has a lower global warming potential (GWP) than other refrigerants such as R-22, R-134A, etc. And the average service life is 15 years.

Hybrid vacuum tube solar air conditioners R410A

3- Model error: Hybrid vacuum tube solar AC has models 9000btu-24000btu.

Generally, 9000btu/1hp/0.75ton is suitable for a room area of 10~15m².

12000btu/1.5hp/1ton: 12~25m²

18000btu/2hp/1.5ton: 20~30m²

20000btu/2.5hp/1.8ton: 26~42m²

24000btu/3hp/2ton: 30~48m²

Choosing the right model of hybrid vacuum tube solar air conditioner for your home will make cooling work best.

Cleanup steps of solar air conditioner

4- Filter clogging: The filter in a hybrid vacuum tube solar air conditioner can become clogged with dirt, dust, and pollen.

This restricts airflow through the air conditioner, preventing cooling. If your area is close to the desert or there are many sand layers, it is recommended to clean it once a month.

Cleanup steps:

1) Dismount the filter

(1) Please open the front plate of the indoor unit.

(2) Remove the two air filter screens.

2) Rinse the air filter screen

(1) Use a dust collector to clean the filter screen.

(2) Wash the filter screens with clean warm water below 40℃.

3) Reinstall the filter screens after airing.

4) Close the indoor unit’s inlet grilles.

Solar-powered hybrid air conditioner without a battery design:

A solar vacuum tube air conditioner provides cooling and heating without batteries, unlike ordinary solar DC air conditioners.

You may be worried—Without batteries and without sunlight at night, can this product still can work?

Unlike previous DC solar air conditioners that relied on batteries, this innovative system harnesses the power of the sun even without battery storage.

hybrid vacuum tube solar air conditioner work principle

The air conditioner is directly powered by hybrid vacuum tubes, which harvest solar energy and convert it into electricity. So the absence of a battery doesn’t hamper its cooling performance.

In addition, the intelligent control system of this air conditioner can optimize energy use and monitor temperature fluctuations.

When sunlight is insufficient, the system automatically switches to utility grid power or backup power, continuing seamless cooling operations.

Until the sun rises, it senses and automatically stops using main city power, again using solar energy to generate heat.

This smart technology prevents AC not cooling, providing consistent comfort regardless of external conditions.

It is more suitable for use in areas with stable power grids. It is also very suitable if your local power grid is unstable and only used during the day.

Often used in offices, factories, homes, and in other scenarios.

If you want to use it at night and the power grid is unstable, please contact our professional engineers to redesign the solar air conditioning system for you.

Or click here to view the practices of other users in this case.

Other benefits of hybrid vacuum tube solar air conditioners:

Besides solving the problem of AC not cooling, this revolutionary product offers many advantages. First, its reliance on solar energy greatly reduces energy consumption, resulting in substantial cost savings and environmental benefits.

Second, the system operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed indoor environment.

Additionally, the hybrid vacuum tube solar air conditioner design operates without batteries, increasing system safety for long-term convenience and peace of mind.

AC not cooling---including hybrid vacuum tube solar aircon units?


In response to these answers, Mr. Mango told his customers that they also understood the factors.

After solving the customer’s confusion through clear communication, Mr. Mango sold all solar AC.

The picture below is Mr. Mango’s feedback.

Next, he will continue to cooperate deeply with PVMARS and develop further relationships, such as being the local PVMARS distributor.

If you are also interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. You will develop new business opportunities.

PVMARS will be your most loyal, professional, and strongest partner, always ready to answer any doubts for you, with your needs at the core.

Ayla Zhu
Ayla Zhu is a content developer at PVMARS Solar. She has done her bachelors in English and master’s in Sociology. Prior to PVMARS, Ayla worked as a writer for different brands from the health, aviation, and pharma industries. She is passionate about sustainability and is currently exploring all things renewable energy!

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