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Advantage of wind energy: 8 cool facts about wind turbines

There are many advantages of wind energy. In this article, you will learn more about wind turbines, such as how to avoid lightning strikes. How to live in harmony with birds?

1. Why do wind turbines have red spray paint?

Advantage of wind energy: 8 cool facts about wind turbines

The big windmills we see in our daily lives are like this, but they have a drawback-they can’t live in harmony with birds.

In a paper in the journal Ecology and Evolution, researchers tested a simple method to prevent the death of birds that struggle to see, and avoid blinding white wind turbines.

It was just a matter of painting one of the wind blades black. After three years, the partially painted turbine area had more than 71% fewer bird deaths.

2. How many kilowatt-hours can a wind turbine generate in one revolution?

Generators under different power/wind conditions will differ.

When the double-fed generator reaches super-synchronization, a 2MW wind turbine can generate 2000kw/h every 60 minutes.—- For more detailed explanations, click on the orange font to jump to related articles.

Due to the different blade lengths, most of them rotate 16-17 times a minute.

About, then it is 2000/60/16, and one lap is about 2.08kwh.

The truth behind the opposition to wind turbines

3. Why do wind turbines have three blades?

The cost conversion efficiency of three wind blades is the highest.

When the blades are more than three, it is difficult to improve the objective efficiency (Bezier limit), and a wind turbine with three blades has low noise and beautiful vision.

4. The windmill is so high, why can't lightning hit the wind turbine?

Generally, carbon fiber with good electrical conductivity and light-specific gravity is added to the composite material of the upper airfoil of the blade, and an air receptor is installed at the tip of the blade, which is connected to the flange of the blade through a cable.

And then the hub passes through the grounding wire in the tower. It is connected to the ground grid to form a lightning channel.

When lightning strikes the blade, the strong lightning current will be directly directed into the ground, thereby achieving lightning protection.

If the conductivity of the rotating part in the channel cannot meet the conductivity requirements, a conductive slip ring can be installed to solve it).

At present, wind power generation is popular in many countries, especially countries such as Denmark, Finland, and Sweden, which mainly rely on wind power generation.

5. Do you know why wind turbines "turn their heads"?

In order to get more energy, the wind turbine will face the wind according to the wind direction sensor. The process of finding the wind is known as wind yaw.

About the wind turbine noise problem, please click the orange text.

how much electricity can be generated by the windmill leaves turning around

6. How big is the largest wind farm in China?

The 10 million-kilowatt wind power base was developed and constructed in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia.

The total installed capacity of wind power in eastern and western Mongolia has reached 25.57 million kilowatts, realizing the coordinated development of power grids and wind power bases.

It is one of the largest wind power plants in China. Inner Mongolia’s eastern part is rich in wind energy resources, open land, sparsely populated, and low land prices.

This makes it suitable for intensive wind power development and construction.

Accelerating wind power base construction in Inner Mongolia is conducive to China’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

7. Which country has the highest utilization rate of wind power?

Spain is the first country in the world to use wind energy as an important power generation method.

Wind turbines generated nearly 54,000 gigawatt-hours of electricity in 2013 — a fifth of the country’s electricity consumption, according to Spain’s electricity system operator Red Power Spain.

When work and life require a lot of power during the day, there is no reliable and sufficient supply.

8. Which country was the first to use wind power in the world?

Denmark was the first country to use wind energy.

Denmark was the first country to use wind power.
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