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How does 30kW power from wind supply the amusement park use?

Power from wind is the second most readily available renewable energy source after solar power. Perhaps under the popular impression, photovoltaics account for the highest proportion of renewable energy generation in the world.

But in fact, in the statistics of 2023, solar energy will only account for 3.6% of global power generation. Wind power accounts for nearly 7%.

Advantage of wind energy: 8 cool facts about wind turbines

Is it unbelievable? The largest share is hydropower. But in fact, it is the governments of all countries who hope to provide stable and sustainable electricity to people.

For example, in China, there is a large-scale hydroelectric power station at the Three Gorges Dam, which can provide 400 million kilowatt-hours of electricity to residents in multiple regions every day. This is more suitable for areas with innate geographical and natural conditions.

But not every region has innate natural and geographical conditions, and not everyone can own a hydroelectric power station.

For ordinary residents, solar energy and wind energy are the easiest renewable energy sources to install and obtain.

Just like the amusement park in this case, due to the insufficient supply of the local public utilities grid, Mr. Axx (protecting privacy)’s group needs to find reliable and stable power to support a nearly 2,000-acre theme amusement park.

So why choose wind turbines in the end? There are many reasons for choosing it.

The most important thing is whether this power generation mode can adapt to your current and future needs.

How does power from the wind?

As the name suggests, the wind power generation system uses a certain wind speed to rotate the wind blades to drive the generator in the wind turbine. This generates electromagnetic waves and currents.

It is worth noting that there are three sets of coils in the wind turbine, and the electricity generated is three-phase alternating current. And the battery is direct current.

Horizontal axis wind turbine disassembly diagram

A controller will therefore be required to convert AC current to DC to charge the battery pack.

Finally, an inverter converts direct current into pure single-phase or three-phase alternating current.

As for the “certain wind speed” mentioned above, PVMars found through research that the average wind speed of the amusement park is higher than 5m/s, which meets the basic requirements for installing wind turbines.

— Click the orange font to jump to the article on checking local wind speed.

As long as the wind turbine is installed in a location with abundant wind resources, the wind turbine can be rotated continuously, and it can also meet the 24-hour power supply needs of the amusement park.

How much power is available to meet your needs?

In this amusement park, power from the wind is an inexhaustible renewable energy source. Power generation demand corresponds to how much power your load/equipment needs.

During the communication between PVMars and Mr. Axx, we consulted the amusement park load list.

It is found that some AC voltages are three-phase 380v-415v, and some are single-phase 220v-240v.

When you read here, you will be confused about single-phase and three-phase. The picture below will give you an idea. — Click the image to enlarge

Single-phase AC voltage is commonly found in air conditioners, lamps, computers, refrigerators, fans, and other home and office equipment.

Three-phase AC voltage is found in motors, large printers, mechanical equipment, etc.

If you are unsure of the AC voltage required for your equipment, please contact PVMars energy experts to help you.

There are offices and dormitories for attendants in the amusement park. Naturally, there is a load of single-phase AC voltage. The equipment inside the park to control the game requires three-phase AC current.

If you use an inverter with single-phase AC output, it will definitely not work, because the single-phase inverter cannot work with three-phase voltage equipment.

Each phase R+N/S+N/T+N of the three-phase inverter can design outputs a single-phase 220v-240v AC voltage.

Our professional engineers will adjust the output current of each phase in advance to match the inverter. The power demand required by the single-phase load in the park.

The three-phase voltage equipment in the park will use the 380v-415v three-phase AC current generated by the three-phase inverter R+S+T+N.

3 phase IGBT Inverter for wind power system
Picture of 3 phase inverter connection port

If your devices are all single-phase, but there are two different AC voltages (220v-110v), PVMars will design a dual-output inverter for you.

Split phase capable/dual output voltage

Wind power system install pictures

In addition, this project is different from other cases. Since this is a theme park of nearly 2000 acres, one set of 30kW wind turbines is not enough.

Therefore, we propose that five sets of 30kW wind turbines are connected to five controllers respectively, and finally, a 150kW three-phase inverter is shunted and supplied to different electrical equipment.

In this way, there is no need to separate five sets of systems, and the cost can be reduced in a significant way.

PVMars takes users’ needs as its core and provides professional solutions that make Mr. Axx’s company very satisfied.

And during the installation, PVMars dispatched 2 experienced wind turbine installation technicians to provide professional assistance and installation on-site.

You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

The benefits of power from the wind:

Implementing wind power in amusement parks offers several significant advantages.

First, it provides a renewable and sustainable source of energy that reduces reliance on traditional fossil fuel electricity.

The transition to green energy is in line with environmental conservation efforts and enhances the theme park’s image as an eco-friendly destination.

Additionally, wind power reduces O&M costs because wind power is abundant and free.

Click on the picture to watch the video of the wind turbine installed and working


With the installation of wind turbines, the amusement park will utilize power from the wind in a sustainable and efficient manner.

The addition of three-phase inverters allows seamless integration of single-phase and three-phase power equipment, ensuring a reliable and stable power supply throughout the park.

By adopting wind power, Mr. Axx’s company is setting an example for other industries, demonstrating its commitment to environmental responsibility and long-term energy efficiency.

About the author
Allon has 15 years of experience in installing renewable equipment, including wind turbines, solar led lights systems, solar energy storage systems, and other clean energy. He has been to 20+ countries to assist local technicians to complete MW-level cases. Is a strength and charm of the coexistence of senior installation technicians.

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