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How Does A Wind Solar Hybrid System Work?

The wind solar hybrid system works by utilizing an array of solar panels, and wind turbines.

The power generated is stored in a battery bank, and when you need electricity, the inverter converts the DC power stored in the battery bank into AC power, which is sent to your electrical loads through transmission lines.

How Does A Wind-Solar Hybrid System Work?

At night or on cloudy or rainy days, when there is no sunlight, the wind turbine is prioritized to generate electricity.

And when there is plenty of sunshine, the solar panels are prioritized to generate electricity.

When there is both wind and sunlight, both work simultaneously to realize 24-hour power generation.

What is a wind solar hybrid system?

A wind-solar hybrid system is an application system for generating and supplying electricity, which refers to the co-generation of electricity by two types of power generation equipment, namely a wind turbine and a solar panel array.

The system consists of wind turbines, solar panels, intelligent MPPT controllers (integrated or split), battery packs (lithium or gel batteries), multifunctional inverters, cables, solar panel mounts auxiliary accessories, etc.

PVMars’ research and development team can also customize your wind-solar hybrid system without batteries and feed the excess power it generates into the utility grid.

The excess energy generated by these systems can be fed into the utility grid and sold for a profit.

Batteryless grid time wind solar hybrid system

A breakdown of the components of a wind-solar hybrid system:

The components of a wind-solar hybrid system were roughly described earlier, but PVMars will go through them in detail one by one.

1. Power Generation:

In the renewable energy industry, there are many types of wind turbines with horizontal and vertical axes.

For different regional wind speeds, the experts at PVMars will provide you with the most suitable energy solution. You can click on the orange font to learn more about the types of wind turbines and thus choose the most suitable for you.

When the power of the solar panels is greater than the power of the wind turbine (or when the total power exceeds 10kw), the controller that governs the distribution of their current will be changed from one to two by one.

This is to make better use of their energy to provide high-quality and stable power for your family, factory, farm, ranch, suburban villa, communication signal station, and other inconvenient areas.

2. Charge controller and DC center part:

The wind and solar hybrid controller within 10kw power can be designed as one, and the solar power needs to be lower than the wind power (ratio 1:3).

Otherwise, it will need to be separated into 2 controllers.

You may have realized that solar panels generate DC power, but wind turbines generate 3-phase AC power.

So the wind controller or hybrid wind-solar controllers both need to convert the AC power from the wind turbine to DC power so that they can charge the batteries.

In other words, the all-in-one wind-solar controller needs to focus more on converting the AC power from the wind to DC power, leaving no more for solar power.

For some areas where there is more sunlight than wind power, which means that the solar power is higher than the wind power, the use of one wind controller + one PV controller to better improve the efficiency of the wind-solar hybrid system.

3. Power storage:

 If you are in an area where the utility grid is expensive, or where utility power is only available for 3-4 hours out of 24 hours a day.

PVMars recommends that you use batteries for backup, which can effectively solve the current dilemma for you.

As mentioned before the wind-solar hybrid controller controls the current charging of the wind turbines + solar panels.

The controller is what safely transfers their power to the battery, and then the battery ultimately stores their DC power. PS: we offer gel and lithium battery options.

4. Power supply part:

The inverter of PVMars is multi-functional. In the traditional mode of operation, the inverter directly converts the DC power from the batteries into AC power to be delivered to the power-using devices (loads).

You may wonder why wind turbines can’t supply AC power directly to AC loads, since they can generate three-phase AC power.

This is because wind is an uncontrollable renewable energy source, and you can’t know if the wind will be strong or weak today.

Or if it will maintain a wind speed of 5m/s for 24 hours. Therefore, it needs to be stored in batteries or given to the huge utility grid.

And that, too, will require inverters to accomplish.

Currently, PVMars have inverters that can be connected in parallel by one or several for greater power, converting the DC energy from the batteries into standard 220V AC energy to supply various appliances.

5 advantages of the wind-solar hybrid system

1- Completely utilizing wind and solar energy to generate electricity in a complementary way, without the need for an external power supply.

2- Eliminates the need to build substations, high and low voltage lines, high and low voltage distribution systems, etc. The system cost is reasonable.

3-With day and night complementary, seasonal complementary characteristics, system stability, and reliability, cost-effective.

4- The maintenance workload of power facilities and the corresponding expenses have been greatly reduced.

5-Independent power supply will not affect the power consumption of all users in case of natural disasters.

What scenarios are wind-solar hybrid systems suitable for?

What are the disadvantages of a wind-solar hybrid system?

1- Both wind and solar systems have a common disadvantage – the uncertainty of the resources leads to an imbalance between the power generation and the power load.

Wind-solar hybrid systems have to be stored in batteries to stabilize the power supply, but the amount of power generated per day is greatly affected by the weather.

If your batteries are very large or not properly configured, they may be in a state of power loss for a long period, which is one of the reasons for the reduced service life of the batteries.

That’s why you need to have a company like PVMars to provide you with a sensible design solution to avoid not having enough wind and solar power to fill your batteries. Or too few batteries, wasting available resources (money), and so on.

Wind solar hybrid system how to work

2- The reliability of small wind turbines (200W-50kW) is not fundamentally addressed.

Due to cost considerations, small wind turbines only use simple mechanical control – speed limit protection in high wind conditions.

Characteristics of the mechanical speed limiting structure:

The head or component of the small wind turbine is in a state of dynamic support.

Under natural conditions, the wind speed and direction changes are too complex and the natural environment is harsh.

It may then lead to the inevitable introduction of vibrations and damage to the moving parts of the dynamically supported component, thus damaging the whole wind turbine.

What kind of wind turbine? Check PVMARS

Currently, the best small wind turbines retain only three moving parts: the wind turbine driving the main shaft rotation of the generator, the tail driving the nose yaw of the turbine, and the moving parts for the protection of the high wind speed limit.

The failure rate of the first two moving parts is not high, but mainly the speed-limiting protection part has many damage cases.

Therefore, to completely solve the reliability problem of small wind turbines, it is necessary to have the best solution in the way of speed limitation.

Please note that this problem is mostly concentrated on the horizontal axis wind turbine type.

PVMars also offers vertical axis wind turbines, which have a lower failure rate than the horizontal axis and generate electricity more efficiently.

And in a higher mode of operation than the horizontal axis, with the only disadvantage being that they may be more expensive.

After all, there are no disadvantages to expensive things except that they are expensive.

Vertical spiral axis wind turbines and solar panels setup on the roof

What scenarios are wind-solar hybrid systems suitable for?

Public Lighting System: Utilizing wind and solar energy to power the lamps and lanterns (no need to connect to the grid).

The PVMar intelligent system allows you to remotely control the working time, brightness, color temperature, etc. The all-in-one solar street lights are more able to automatically sense the flow of people and traffic, saving more power and preparing power for 3-5 rainy days.

Home power supply system: mainly used for rural households without electricity, villas and vacation homes, fishing boats and yachts, and home grid-connected electricity sales systems.

Distributed power station system: mainly used in distributed power stations, user-side grid-connected, islands, border posts, centralized power supply for powerless villages.

Off-grid independent power supply system: mainly used in communication base stations, gas stations, toll stations, farms, etc.

Monitoring and indicating system: mainly used in traffic monitoring and indicating; security and defense monitoring; oil, gas, and power line monitoring; forest fire monitoring, and so on.

300W-wind-turbine with solar panels

The significance of a wind-solar hybrid system

Solar and wind energy resources are the most readily available and inexhaustible clean energy for human beings, and the power generation process does not produce any pollution and does not damage local environmental resources.

The wind-solar hybrid power supply system fully utilizes the clean energy sources of photovoltaic and wind power, and has the characteristics of day-night and seasonal complementary, with low operation and maintenance costs.

The complementary nature of photovoltaic power supply and wind power supply also ensures the stability and reliability of the power supply system, which is cost-effective.

Through reasonable design and matching, it realizes the positive significance of quick construction, stable performance, low cost, low energy consumption, safe operation, simple maintenance, and environmental protection.

How does the wind solar hybrid system work?
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