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How To Improve The Efficiency Of 3kW 5kW 500kW Solar Inverter?

You may have noticed some problems with your inverter’s efficiency, but you don’t know how to solve them. This article will help you understand the basic types of inverters, as well as what causes inverter inefficiency and how to solve it.

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What type of inverter do you have?

The market is flooded with different models, functions, and shapes of inverters. The inverter we really need may not be found when we are dazzled.

PVMARS uses the solar power system as an example.

Solar energy systems are available in storage power, grid-connected, hybrid (with wind power) types etc. Different inverters are derived.

For example, solar energy storage system, on the development of IGBT pure sine wave inverter, modified sine wave inverter these two categories.

Modified SineWave And Pure Sine Wave

This time we focus on pure sine wave inverters, which are commonly used in solar systems, especially in the off-grid solar energy battery storage category.

And a pure sine wave inverter, in different solar systems, its name also changes.

For instance -DC to AC inverter, Hybrid inverter, Off-grid single-phase inverter, Three-phase inverter, On and Off-grid inverter, Grid-tie inverter, etc.

Pure sine wave inverter basically monopolizes the solar energy industry. It is so popular, because it can perfectly convert the DC current produced by photovoltaic into AC current, and supply it to our AC( alternating current ) machines and equipment.

It is an integral part of every clean energy system.

How To Improve The Efficiency Of 3kW 5kW 500kW Solar Inverter?
Internal detail of solar power frequency inverter

What factors cause your inverter to be inefficient?

There are the following reasons:

1- Dust

If your inverter is installed in a manufacturing factory, the inverter will absorb the outside ash layer to the inside while dissipating heat, so that the internal zero components are covered with a thick layer of ash, so we usually recommend that users turn off the power every 1 month, open the case, and use a blower to clean up.

clean pure sine wave solar inverter02
Check out this cleaning video

2- Wet

In an environment close to the sea, if the inverter internal PCB board does not use conformal coating, it will be easily affected by the damp molecules in the sea breeze, and over time, they will become rusty. 

Conformal coating is also called PCB electronic circuit board protection oil, coating oil, moisture-proof paint, three anti-paint, waterproof glue, insulating paint, anti-corrosion paint, anti-salt spray paint, dustproof paint, protection paint, coating paint, three anti-glue and so on.

It protects circuit boards and related equipment from environmental erosion。

Good high and low-temperature resistance, after curing into a layer of transparent protective film, with superior insulation, moisture-proof, anti-leakage, shockproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, Corona resistance, and other properties.

3- Heat dissipation

There are many internal parts of a pure sine wave inverter, but for each inverter, a high-quality smart fan must be installed to assist with heat dissipation. The material of the fan must be insulated and has the function of rust prevention.

Reduce heat and resist corrosion

4- Power consumption

High efficiency inverters can often reduce the loss of power to the minimum, because the inverter has many internal parts, even if you do not use any home equipment, the inverter will still consume part of the energy. PVMARS loss at no-load has been reduced to 99%, equivalent to a 1000w hybrid inverter losing only 10w of power without a power supply.

Low Power consumption

5- Materials

We may hear some inverter factories say we have IGBT inverters and do not use MOS tubes.

IGBT is commonly known as insulating-gate bipolar transistors. This part can efficiently handle high voltages, ensure output voltage stability, and improve the efficiency of an uninterrupted power supply. At the same time, it also leads to an increase in inverter prices. This type of inverter is commonly used in medical institutions, broadcast power stations, any precision instrument scenario. Same as the inverter in PVMARS ‘500kW Solar Power Plant Project, for the airport operates smoothly to supply a stable power supply 24/7.

This kind of efficient material will also be the trend of the future, you can click here to check out the relevant report

the PV Inverter IGBT market size and its projected CAGR value of 13.6% from 2023 to 2030
Get a maketing IGBT PV inverter report

6- Internal parts

We all know that the inverter has a lot of PCB board, some manufacturers in the artificial installation of parts to the circuit board, and didn’t fastening.

Until the customer received the inverter, opened the package, connected to the inverter, only to find cannot use. Thus, when the chassis is opened, it is found that all the internal parts are broken. This situation is a huge blow to consumers, and how to restore thousands of parts one by one?


Following the above, we will first talk about the problem of parts falling apart. Please patiently watch the following PVMARS production process of inverter.

Our inverter factory uses advanced automatic plug-in equipment to ensure that the parts on each circuit board are firmly fixed, no matter how violent loading and unloading by transportation personnel, it does not affect the internal components scattered.

There is also an AOI detector. In addition to manual spot checks, our AOI detector will check the lines on each circuit board, whether there are cracks. It will remove poor quality, refine high quality for assembly.

PVMARS Solar meets your needs while ensuring quality,let you enjoy more efficient, longer life, more reliable, and competitively priced products.

Wang, who has a dual master’s degree in materials molecular and physics, is the manager of PVMARS solar energy storage’s R&D department. He is passionate about solving users’ problems and overcoming technical barriers

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