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How to use lithium-ion batteries in off-grid living?

Lithium-ion batteries have become an essential part of our off-grid lifestyle.

Whether it’s for factories, hotels, farms, or other commercial places, these batteries serve as our power source during the night when using solar off-grid systems.

Alongside following PVMARS installation guidelines, it is crucial to understand how to correctly activate and utilize lithium-ion batteries to truly enhance their sustainability and effectiveness.

In this post, we will explore the proper procedures for both starting and shutting down your lithium-ion batteries.

Please watch the below video.

Play Video about lithium-battery Detail diagram

Activating Lithium-ion Batteries:

To ensure the safe and efficient utilization of lithium-ion batteries, follow these steps after unboxing and connecting them to the inverter according to the provided instructions:

1- Power Button Activation: Start by pressing the power button on the lithium-ion battery. You should hear a sound indicating successful activation.

2- Inverter Battery Switch: Flip the battery switch on the inverter.

3- No Grid Connection Alert: If no utility grid connection is established, the inverter will emit an alarm. To silence the alarm, press the sound icon located adjacent to the display screen.

4- Utility Grid Connection or diesel generator (Optional): In situations where a utility grid connection is available, toggle the bypass or rectifier switch on the inverter.

This will automatically switch the inverter to the grid as a power source when the lithium-ion battery is insufficient, ensuring continued power supply to your electrical devices.

BTW, the video below is about connecting the city grid correctly:

Play Video about Connected the positive and negative terminals correctly with a multimeter

5- Output Switch: Finally, activate the output switch, providing power to your light bulbs or other electrical appliances.

By following this sequential process, you can safely and effectively harness the power of lithium-ion batteries to meet the electricity needs of your home, factory, hotel, or any other location.

Proper Shutdown of Lithium-ion Batteries:

In situations where extended periods of inactivity are anticipated, such as vacations or business trips, it is essential to shut down lithium-ion batteries correctly.

Follow these steps to ensure optimal safety and minimize energy waste:

1- Device Shutdown: Switch off all house electrical appliances.

2- Inverter Output Switch: Next, deactivate the inverter output switch.

3- Utility Grid Disconnection (If Applicable): If your system is connected to the utility grid, ensure the inverter’s rectifier or bypass switch is turned off.

4- Inverter’s battery switch: After ensuring all switches are turned off, turn off the battery switch.

5- Lithium-ion Battery Power Button: Lastly, press the power button on the lithium-ion battery to complete the shutdown process.

By adhering to this systematic shutdown procedure, you can maintain the safety of your lithium-ion batteries and conserve energy when they are not in use, promoting sustainability for off-grid living.


With solar off-grid systems, lithium-ion batteries serve as a reliable power source, making them indispensable in our off-grid living.

You can make sure these batteries are using their power efficiently by understanding and following proper procedures.

Furthermore, it can improve the home, factory, hotel, and other establishments’ safety and sustainability.

To maximize performance and guarantee uninterrupted power supply, always follow the PVMARS installation guidelines for operating lithium-ion batteries.

Zoey Zhao is a content developer at PVMARS Solar. She has a BA in English and a MA in Journalism. Prior to joining PVMARS, Zoey worked as a writer for various brands in the automotive and construction industries. She is passionate about sustainability and is currently exploring all things renewable!

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