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Off-Grid Living: Use limited space to install more solar panels

If you have ideas in this regard but are limited by the area where solar panels can be installed, reading this case can provide you with new inspiration and solutions.

advantage of off-grid solar energy storage technology

Electricity independence, the era of freedom has come!

More and more people choose to off grid living to get rid of high electricity bills.

Don’t worry about frequent power outages anymore. Let the refrigerator at home chill your delicious ingredients 24 hours a day, remotely control household appliances — turn on the air conditioner, and welcome you home tired.

Hurry up and take advantage of off-grid solar energy storage technology to experience and enjoy the favorable lifestyle brought by the new era.

Why would you want off-grid living?

Through Mr. Doso’s introduction, PVMars met Mr. Kaysha. He once managed Mr. Doso’s hotel project in Papua New Guinea.

As a solar energy equipment supplier, PVMars once designed a 500kW solar energy storage system for Mr. Doso’s airport. —- Click the orange font to jump to the relevant page to learn more about the 500kW project details.

The photovoltaic inverter (PV inverter) can only be used for grid-connected applications, and the Power Conversion System (PCS) can be used for on-grid/off-grid applications. They are exactly the same in topology.

Now Mr. Kaysha has undertaken a new special homestay project in Vanuatu.

This is a homestay transformed and upgraded using containers for tourists to experience.

However, the local public utility grid is underdeveloped, and frequent power outages have impacted the local tourism industry, which made their boss very distressed.

In order to get out of the predicament, Mr. Kaysha associated a photovoltaic power generation project to realize off-grid living.

How to come true off-grid living?

PVMars experts conducted extensive research on container accommodation projects. They found a variety of appliances in containers, including 1.5hp air conditioners, 200L refrigerators, water heaters, microwave ovens, and other common household appliances.

Note that air conditioners and refrigerators are inductive loads and require instantaneous start-up power 3-10 times their rated power. —- Click on the orange text to read other articles to understand inductive loads.

After careful evaluation, PVMars recommended a 10kW off-grid solar energy storage system (economic model) to meet power demand.

PVMars Off grid solar power system drawing
This system is different from a conventional 10kW off-grid energy storage system:

There are inductive loads in the homestay. We only need to increase the IGBT inverter power to be compatible with all electrical appliances and start at the same time.

The power consumption and backup time required is 5kWh, so 16 pieces of 360W monocrystalline solar panels and 8 pieces of 250AH12V colloidal batteries are designed. It can meet passengers’ daily electricity demand.

Meanwhile, 16 solar panels will require 34 square meters to install.

However, the top of the container can only accommodate 27 square meters of solar panels, posing a major challenge to off-grid living.

You may think that this can only reduce solar panels and electricity consumption. But, PVMars’ professional team already has other ways to deal with it.

What if I don't have enough space on my roof for solar panels?

PVMars’ professional team explored feasible solutions. To overcome limited solar panel installation space.

There are 3 options to choose from. See which one is best for you:

1-In the renewable energy industry, there are many kinds of brackets for fixing and supporting solar panels. You can choose open brackets to fix multiple solar panels — click the orange font to learn how to use the brackets to install solar panels.

open brackets to fix multiple solar panels

2-Use a dual-axis auto-tracking solar panel mounting system. Like a sunflower, it always follows the solar energy and will improve the photovoltaic power generation efficiency of the overall solar panel, thereby reducing the required space for the number of solar panels.

dual-axis auto-tracking solar panel mounting system

3- Utilize thin-film solar panels or flexible solar panels, which are attached to the container. Although this type of solar panel is not limited to being installed on the top, because the sun will move over time, this will cause some solar panels to not absorb sunlight, and produce enough photovoltaic energy to supply our electrical appliances.

And for Mr. Kaysha’s project, we learned that their container top’s load-bearing capacity is about 30 tons, while PVMars’ 10kW off-grid solar energy storage system has a load-bearing capacity of about 2 tons.

To maximize space, we recommend installing an additional roof structure to accommodate solar panels, inverters, and batteries. More space saving and waterproof.

How to expand the limited 27 square meters?

Build an additional space—like a gabled roof.

Considering the structure’s integrity, PVMars engineers recommended a triangles roof design.

Triangles are widely considered the most stable shape in geometry, such as the famous Egyptian pyramids, bicycle racks, cranes, tripods, and more.

Proven to be the most effective choice for the strongest and unbreakable.

We understand that extra weight, no matter how much, will impact the container top.

Therefore, PVMars solar engineers communicated with container manufacturers many times. And designed a practical triangular roof through theory and practice.

You can click on the image below to enlarge it. The final effect is affirmed.

Successfully provided Mr. Kaysha’s Vanuatu container homestay project with 25 years of off-grid living.

Leave it to PVMars to realize off-grid life for you!

PVMars successfully solves the challenge of limited space for solar panel installation and provides off-grid living for Vanuatu’s unique container homestay project.

By designing the triangles roof and adapting multiple photovoltaic modules, PVMars ensures a sustainable, reliable, and uninterrupted power supply for the local tourism industry.

Let the container homestay provide memorable experiences for more travelers while minimizing its environmental footprint.

This achievement demonstrates the expertise and effectiveness of PVMars in delivering off-grid photovoltaic energy storage solutions.

Finally, you will achieve free electricity self-sufficiency, and a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

About the author
Mr. Liu has 15 years of experience in installing renewable equipment, including solar energy storage systems, wind turbines, solar led lights systems, and other clean energy. He has been to 20+ countries to assist local technicians to complete MW-level cases. Is a strength and charm of the coexistence of senior installation technicians.

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