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“ I don’t want to pay the electric bill again! ”

“ Don’t want to stop shaving wool, off heating, and without all lighting when the utility grid fails or the generators run out of diesel. ”

This terrible life needs to change immediately!

Change is easy. Come with PVMARS. You will get professional solar / wind / power storage system solutions, competitive prices, and world-class quality products.

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Power storage systems are widely used in electric cars, homes, orchards, farms, factories, hotels, irrigation, hospitals, supermarkets, airports, remote suburbs, etc.

Wherever electricity is needed, PVMARS’s power storage system can deliver there.

According to different application scenarios, we subdivide solutions into:


For areas with stable utility grids, you can also choose the following energy-saving solutions: Although they will only save you some money on electricity bills, your initial investment costs will also be lower.

Invest in a power storage system today!

The following are the contents of individual products:

1kw-2MW power storage system, 700w-100kw wind-solar hybrid system, 3kw-1MW grid-tied system, 15w-150w solar street lights, 9000btu-36000btu solar air conditioners, etc. Are optional.

Please feel free to check here for more detailed payment procedures.

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Classification of power storage systems

Single-phase off-grid solar power storage systems generally include solar panels, combiner boxes, charge controllers, single-phase inverters, gel batteries or lithium iron phosphate batteries, brackets, wires, etc.

Three-phase off-grid solar power storage systems are the same as single-phase systems. The biggest difference between them is the output voltage. Single-phase output L+N = 220VAC or 110VAC or 120VAC or 240VAC.

Three-phase output RST + N = 380VAC ~ 415VAC

For South American customers, PVMARS will design a dual voltage output.

Classification of wind and solar hybrid systems

The biggest difference here is the type of wind turbine, with PVMARS offering both horizontal and vertical-axis wind turbines. For further details, please refer to the wind-solar hybrid system solutions page.

What makes PVMARS different?

Unparalleled expertise: Our team of professionals has extensive experience designing power storage systems for homes of all shapes and sizes.

We are passionate about solar+wind power storage technology and are constantly up to date with the latest advances to ensure you get the most efficient, cost-effective solution.

World-class energy storage system products: We cooperate with leading lithium battery raw material suppliers, such as CATL, BYD, Ganfeng, and other well-known brands.

Bringing you the highest quality, most reliable lithium iron phosphate batteries on the market.

Our solar energy storage systems are durable and backed by an industry-leading 30-day return warranty. And all our solutions are carefully designed to withstand extremely long power supply periods.

Solar power system installation team

Tailor-made energy storage system solutions: We know that everyone is different, and so is the amount of electricity consumed. That’s why we do everything on a personal level. We conduct a thorough energy audit and design a custom energy storage system that perfectly meets your unique needs and budget.

Premium Installation Support: We assist with all permits and paperwork to make the installation of your energy storage system seamless.

Life-long service: We are not just here to sell products – we are here for long-term cooperation.

PVMARS’ professional customer service team is always available to answer your questions, resolve any concerns, and provide ongoing support throughout the life cycle of your energy storage system, solar system, wind-solar hybrid system, solar street light, and air conditioner.

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Investing in a solar, wind, or energy storage system isn’t just about saving money on your electricity bill (although that’s a pretty substantial perk!).

It’s a conscious choice for a cleaner, bluer planet.