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100kW 3-Phase IGBT Hybrid China Price for Inverter Manufacturer

Get a free 100kW IGBT hybrid inverter manufacturer offer. 5-years warranty and support customized design. PVMars creates power when you need it most.

Brand: PVMARS Solar Manufacturer

MOQ: 1 unit, accept OEM & ODM

Type: Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Output voltage: 220V-380V-415V three phase

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PVMars IGBT Hybrid Inverter Manufacturer

Above is the PVMars inverter production video.

We always follow the German 5S technical standard, and our 7s production management system:
1- Raw Materials Supply System
Our attitude towards raw materials is that we would rather spend money and time purchasing different brands on a large scale for testing, rather than sacrifice users’ trust in us and take the risk of using raw material suppliers that have not been tested.

Through our testing and application over the years, here are the brands we often work with:
SCR controlled module — Semikron, Germany
IGBT module — Mitsubishi/Fuji brand in Japan

PVMars hybrid inverter with IGBT2- Production System:
We use an automatic machine plug-in for the PCB plate of the inverter to improve efficiency, reduce loss, avoid manual errors, and strengthen stability.

3- QC System:
AOI equipment and ICT are used to detect the state of each PCB board, whether there are cracks, pinholes are aimed at the PCB board, all lines are checked, and the failure rate is reduced.

The PCB board with problems is automatically summarized into the wrong box, and the PCB board with passed quality will be installed in the next round of accessories.

In addition, our production department will prevent AOI equipment omission. Manual spot checks are also conducted to ensure quality.

4- Factory Inspection System:
We generally use no less than 100 times the limit failure test.
Through user feedback statistics, 100% of the tested machines can work stably

5- Packaging System:
All our packaging and products are OEM customized and can be silk screen printed or stickers exclusive to your company logo.

Plywood wooden box packaging, containing pearl cotton. One piece in one package.

MW-level projects will be transported in ESS containers, and the interior will be upgraded and reinforced. We will have professional engineers ready to answer your questions about MW-level solar energy storage systems.

6- After Sales Service System:
Different from batteries, there are different PCB boards inside the inverter.
We have corresponding maintenance mechanisms for different PCB boards.

Within 5 years of warranty scope, after IOT data or online remote detection, you can find which PCB has a problem.

We will send the corresponding replacement of a new PCB board or more spare parts for free, and PVMARS has operation videos to replace different inverter parts so that you do not have to worry about maintenance problems.

PVMARS Solar Energy Storage Factory Certificate Of Authority

Global authoritative certification

PVMARS solar products have passed TUV, IEC, ISO, CE, and RoHS quality certifications.

Before leaving the factory, our testers will perform no less than 120 extreme impact tests, and all kinds of inspections in order to get your approval.

Real-time remote monitoring of the safe operation of solar energy system

Safety reminder for system

With PVMARS IoT, through your phone or computer view real-time performance data of your solar system, such as solar panel power generation, battery capacity, etc., and receive timely maintenance and safety alerts to extend the life of your solar system.

At the same time, your dedicated engineers will help you adjust the data through IOT. Double protection!


Why We Say "Hybrid" Inverter?

The solar solution has 3 working modes

The IGBT inverter in the solar or wind energy storage system has 3 working modes:

1- Main power priority, as the name implies, uses main power as the main power source. In case the mains power is unstable and stops supplying power, solar energy or battery will replace it as the main power source.

If without a public power grid, the hybrid inverter can work with batteries and solar power to your devices. We also called it an ” Off-grid hybrid inverter “.

3 phase solar system

2-Battery priority, contrary to the mains mode, solar energy will first charge the battery before supplying power to the load, and the actual battery has used the power before.

3- Solar or wind energy priority. The electricity generated by solar energy is first supplied to the household load, and then the excess electricity fills the battery.

Usually, we recommend you choose the solar energy priority mode, and if necessary, they can adjust it on the inverter themselves.

The “hybrid” here means that a variety of power supplies (main city power/battery/solar/wind energy, etc.) are available to your device / electrical appliances together, instead of in-built MPPT controllers.

Generally, the three-phase inverter does not have the production design of the built-in controller. Only the single-phase inverter has this type of design (built-in controller).

Can power supply 220v and 380v devices at the same time?

PVMars three phase 380v-415vac

Three phase: 380Vac/400Vac±10%(customized 190Vac/200VAC)

3 phase IGBT Inverter for wind power system

3 phase AC voltage has at least three fire lines, and in these three fire lines in physics, we simply give different characters (there may be some differences between different countries, but generally defined as R, S, T).

R+ S + T = 380V or 400V (±5%-10% floating, can be customized for special voltages 180Vac/200Vac, etc.)

If you also have a 220v device, it is usually achieved by a zero line, and in logistics, we assign the character N

R+ N = 220v, S + N = 220v, T + N = 220v

We can use both three-phase and single-phase devices together in one Three-phase solar power system

For most 220VAC appliances, the voltage is single-phase. Such as air conditioners, fan, light, TV, and so on.

For most 380VAC-450VAC appliances, the voltage is three-phase. Such as motors, power pumps, central air conditioning, industrial equipment, and so on.

Your dedicated engineers are ready to start customizing your solar clean energy system!

Stronger IGBT Inverter from PVMars solar

100kW IGBT Hybrid Inverter Description

Three-Phase Inverter Power:

100kW/360VDC-384VDC optional
AC charger 10-30A
100% Fuji brand IGBT materials
Bypass function with AC charger, against short-circuit and over-load protection, high-voltage and low-voltage stable protection

Inverter appearance color can be selected

PVMARS solar-power-system-inverter-detail

Two-way flame retardant protection technology

Provides 650℃ high-temperature protection for wires.

PVMars uses flame-retardant materials as the basis of our system configuration.

1-2C charging configuration enhances the system’s connection safety.

The support for installation and use of the service team protects your installation line and makes the whole system safer.

For more details about how to keep the inverter high efficiency, please click orange text.

100kW 3-Phase IGBT Hybrid China Price for Inverter Manufacturer

Wooden box packing 

Before each loading and shipment, our factory has special personnel to check QC inspection of qualified products.

They distinguish and mark the area to place, ensure the shipment quantity, model, customer name is accurate, only after the standard is allowed to load containers. 

Ensure that you receive complete and correct goods at the end.

Solar inverter packing

17years of professional installation team

The photovoltaic inverter (PV inverter) can only be used for grid-connected applications, and the Power Conversion System (PCS) can be used for on-grid/off-grid applications. They are exactly the same in topology.
Please click on this picture to learn more about the case of 500kW solar power plant
Solar power system installation team

Mr. Li, the founder of PVMARS Solar, has been to more than 32 countries for field surveys and solar energy storage system installation. He has trained 5 core solar system and wind turbine system installation experts, as well as a number of overseas installers.

If you need our overseas installation service, the engineer will arrive at the installation site within 10 days after the goods arrive at the port.

In addition, for users who purchase our photovoltaic energy products, wind turbine products, solar all in one street led light products, and solar air conditioning products, we will provide the paper version of installation instructions and electrical drawings with the shipment of goods, as well as the electronic version online.

For the needs of different users, to ensure the correct installation of the product, your dedicated engineers have been waiting online, at any time to video remote communication with you, patiently guide you step by step to complete the installation, and debug the operation of the machine etc. Ensure that you are protected from all hidden dangers.

By partnering with experienced PVMARS Solar, you can be confident that your installation project will be successful. This will meet your renewable energy needs for 25 years and more.

500kW solar power plant installation manual
100kW solar system installation manual

How do I choose a off-grid solar system?









PVMARS Case Study Wall

Do you need solar clean energy system?

In this world, there are many clean energy sources, but only photovoltaicss is the most reliable power supply. The closest to our life is a kind of renewable energy everywhere. The future of photovoltaic energy will be because of technological innovation, and the cost will be lower, we will live an independent and free life.

PVMARS Solar is one of the most innovative manufacturers of solar energy storage technology. This is for you to pursue safer, more convenient, and more competitive prices for solar products.

PVMARS Solar History

Us VS Them

Direct manufacturer pricing, no middleman markups.

We are able to offer durable equipment at competitive price.

Solar Products FAQ

Q: What does this PVMARS system include?

A: A complete off-grid or on-grid solar clean energy system, including all accessories required for installation.

Q: Can I customize one?

A: Of course, you can customize the most efficient solar power system. Your exclusive solar expert is waiting. To provide you with any energy solution, customized according to different power consumption, actual use of equipment, scenarios etc. Solar systems come in different configurations.

Q: Who is responsible for transportation? Or home delivery?

A: There will be dedicated staff responsible for your products’ production, packaging and shipping. To deliver goods safely to the destination port by sea or air. The entire process, including transportation and customs clearance, is handled by us. Europe, Asia, Africa to provide home delivery or nearby pickup service. Provide relevant packing and shipping documents and information on time.

Q: What is the lifetime of a solar power system?

A: The life of the solar panel is 25 years, the charger controller is 5-7 years, the inverter is 5-7 years, and the battery is 8-10 years. Our IOT monitors the installation and operation of your solar power system in real time to extend service life.

Q: Are there any protection measures for solar power overload, and how do electricity leaks, lightning strikes, and hail happen?

A: PVMARS Solar’s PV combiner box and inverter have overload safety functions. To protect each other, they will disconnect the connection with your equipment in the event of abnormal voltage, such as lightning strikes and leaks. After the voltage is restored automatically, the solar system will start automatically. Secondly, the photovoltaic module floor is made of excellent impact-resistant tempered glass. This glass can withstand 200Pa wind stress and 7200Pa snow stress after strict trial and test when passing EU certification.

Q: What can you expect from PVMARS Solar?

A: In addition to providing products, PVMARS solar also provides free on-site survey, customized design solutions, production, installation and maintenance one-stop services.

Customized 24-hours off-grid solar energy system

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