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10kWh Powerwall Lithium-ion 48V 200Ah Solar Battery

Check the 48V 200Ah lithium-ion solar battery factory price, PVMars 10kWh powerwall over 12 years lifespan, with BMS to solve your power shortage in remote areas/home/farm.

Price Term: EXW

Place Of Origin: China

MOQ: 1 set, accept OEM & ODM

Type: 48V 51.2V 200Ah lithium battery

Home or Commercial battery storage solution

Can work with solar panel/wind turbine/city grid or generator backup

What does a 10kwh powerwall battery consist of?

The 10kwh powerwall battery is the same as conventional lithium batteries. It is composed of positive and negative active materials, separators, electrolytes, current collectors, casings, etc.

When the lithium battery works, the above accessories play the following roles:

  • Cathode material: stores lithium ions and oxidizes them to produce electrons.
  • Negative material: accepts lithium ions and reduces electrons.
  • Separator: prevents electrons from flowing directly while allowing lithium ions to pass through.
  • Electrolyte: Provides an ion transmission medium.
  • Current collector: collects electrons generated by the positive and negative electrodes.
  • Shell: protects the battery’s internal structure.

Maybe the text explanation is too thin. You can click on the video below to watch the internal structure video of the powerwall lithium battery:

Play Video

Features of PVMars 48V 200AH lithium-ion solar battery

The cathode material selected for the 48V 200Ah lithium-ion solar battery produced by PVMars is a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cell.

This is one of the safest cathode materials in the world.

It has strong cycle stability, a long service life (12 years), and an environmentally friendly composition that is easy to recycle. Among them, the battery cell raw material suppliers we cooperate with include BYD, CATL, and Ganfeng.

Our lithium batteries have:

  • More than 6000 depth cycles (DOD).
  • Allows more lithium batteries to be connected in parallel to add more capacity in the future.
  • 6-year warranty – If quality problems arise, new parts will be sent free of charge for replacement.

PVMars promises a 30-day return policy on all products.

15 days production time and 6 years free warranty

In addition, each PVMars lithium battery is equipped with a battery management system (BMS), which is also a vital component of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

BMS includes:

  • Monitor your battery’s voltage, current, and temperature.
  • Protect the battery from overcharging, over-discharging, over-temperature, etc.
  • Extend battery life.
Lithium battery with battery management system-BMS

What is the difference between 48V and 51.2V lithium batteries?

We often see 10kWh powerwall batteries marked with 51.2V or 48V, so what is the difference between them?

The final DC voltage is different due to the different series and parallel connections of the internal cells.

Lithium batteries are composed of small 3.2V cells. 51.2V / 3.2V = 16, which means that a 51.2V lithium battery consists of 16 x 3.2V cells connected in series.

By analogy, 48V is composed of 15 x 3.2V batteries connected in series.

Although both batteries have the same capacity of 200Ah, their final stored power will differ slightly. 51.2 x 200 = 10240wh, 48 x 200 = 9600wh. We can collectively call them 10kWh powerwall batteries.

Please refer to the picture below for specific parameters (click to enlarge).

How much does a 48V 200AH lithium-ion solar battery cost?

Earlier we mentioned the difference in stored electricity, which is also reflected in the price difference.

48V 200Ah lithium-ion batteries cost US$1050/unit (Valid for 30 days)

The price of a 51.2V 200Ah lithium battery is US$1113/unit (Valid for 30 days)

Please note that lithium batteries are priced on Wh, which is stored electrical energy.

It is difficult to tell the actual capacity (electric energy) of a lithium battery with the naked eye. Although the casing is marked 51.2V 200Ah, is the actual capacity that much?

Avoid buying fake batteries, which need to be tested to determine whether they are genuine. Please click on the “Battery Capacity Test Video” to get more battery secrets.

How much energy does a 48V 200AH lithium battery store?

AH is a unit for measuring electrical storage equipment capacity. Its scientific name is “ampere hour”, which means that electrical storage equipment can continue to work for 1 hour when the power supply current intensity is 1A.

WH is a form of energy (electrical energy) and is equal to the voltage of the solar cell (V) multiplied by the AH of the battery.

The resulting WH value is divided by 1000, and the result is KWH (degree).

Conversion formula: 1WH = V * AH, 1KWH = 1WH / 1000.

That means that a 48V 200AH lithium battery can store a capacity of 48V * 200AH = 9.6vah / 1000 = 9.6kWh.

The last 9.6kWh / 1kW = 9.6 hours means that a 48V 200Ah lithium battery can supply power to a 1000W electrical device for 9.6 hours, about 10 hours.

In layman’s terms, it means how many hours a lithium battery can work when power fails. PVMars senior engineer wrote an article to explain this issue. If you are interested, you can click on the orange font to get more information.

Can a 10kwh powerwall battery be used directly?

Its focus here is on what kind of electrical equipment the lithium battery is connected to.

The 10kwh powerwall battery can be directly connected and used if it is a DC fan or lamp.

Because the lithium battery outputs direct current. But if your load is an AC appliance, an inverter is required to perform DC-AC conversion to supply your load.

PVMars lithium batteries can be connected to any brand of inverter without communication protocol restrictions.

However, you need to provide the inverter parameters – such as DC voltage, power, output voltage, etc. Of the inverter (specifically reflected in the inverter). The side or back of the inverter. You can take a photo and send it to [email protected])

10kw low-frequency inverter with MPPT controller inbuilt

Why choose PVMars lithium batteries?

For your safety, PVMars is not just talking, we take practical actions to protect your property and life!

PVMars’ lithium batteries need strict testing before shipment, including temperature testing of lithium batteries.

Because the lithium batteries are temperature-sensitive if it exceeds -20℃, unqualified lithium batteries will stop discharging. You can see how PVMars performs temperature extreme testing in the video below:

PVMars production process is shown in the figure:

Lithium battery production and shipment flow chart

In addition, there are 9 major procedures for inspecting lithium batteries:

9 major lithium battery production and testing processes

Lithium batteries belong to the 9 category of dangerous goods.

You will need MSDS, sea/air transportation identification report, UN38.3 test report, dangerous package certificate, and other certifications before exporting.

Ensure no accidents occur during lithium battery transportation.

PVMars provides them all here, you can click to download the relevant certification and provide it to your freight forwarder to get a sea freight cost quote. Or contact [email protected] to arrange shipping.

17years of professional installation team

1MW solar grid system installation
The photovoltaic inverter (PV inverter) can only be used for grid-connected applications, and the Power Conversion System (PCS) can be used for on-grid/off-grid applications. They are exactly the same in topology.

Mr. Li, the founder of PVMARS Solar, has been to more than 32 countries for field surveys and solar energy storage system installation. He has trained 5 core solar system and wind turbine system installation experts, as well as a number of overseas installers.

If you need our overseas installation service, the engineer will arrive at the installation site within 10 days after the goods arrive at the port.

In addition, for users who purchase our photovoltaic energy products, wind turbine products, solar all in one street led light products, and solar air conditioning products, we will provide the paper version of installation instructions and electrical drawings with the shipment of goods, as well as the electronic version online.

For the needs of different users, to ensure the correct installation of the product, your dedicated engineers have been waiting online, at any time to video remote communication with you, patiently guide you step by step to complete the installation, and debug the operation of the machine etc. Ensure that you are protected from all hidden dangers.

By partnering with experienced PVMARS Solar, you can be confident that your installation project will be successful. This will meet your renewable energy needs for 25 years and more.

Get more installation manual and video, please contact us

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