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15kVA 15kW 3Phase Solar Power Plant And Price – 2024

Flexible, Scalable Design and Efficient 15kVA 15kW 3Phase Solar Power Plant. With Lithium-ion Battery Off Grid Solar System For A Home, Hotel, or Village.

Price Term: EXW

Place Of Origin: China

MOQ: 1 set, accept OEM & ODM

Type: 15kW 3phase solar system

Commercial solar power storage solution

Can work with wind/battery/grid or generator backup

A 15kW 3phase solar power plant contains what components?

The following configurations make up a complete 15kva 15kW 3phase solar power plant:






Solar Panel

Mono 530W TOPCon

30 pieces or Customized


PV combiner

H4T 240V

1 set


Solar controller

240V 80A – MPPT charge controller

1 set


Pure Sine Wave Inverter

15kW IGBT 3phase inverter

1 set



12V250Ah gel battery or Lithium Battery optional

20 pieces


Mounting Support

Ground or Slope roof or Flat roof optional

30 pieces or Customized


Cables and others

1)19pcs 16mm2*35CM,2pcs 16mm2*2M battery cable,20M 16mm2 cable with battery terminal.
2)4mm2 PV cable 200M,100M black 100M red.
3)2P100A Battery switch and box

200 meters or Customized

Optional solar mounting support, PV combiner boxes, and cables.

PVMARS provides a complete turnkey PV energy storage system solution. After we complete production, the system delivered to you can be used immediately after connections are made. You don’t need additional accessories to benefit from it.

The premise of providing a complete 15kw solar power plant solution requires: You only need to submit load (electrical equipment) information, pictures/drawings of the installation location, output voltage range, and other data.

PVMARS’s engineering team can provide a complete solar system (off-grid or mini-grid solution).

It is recommended that you download this load table, compare it, and fill in the corresponding information: (This form is not mandatory. If there is no electrical equipment in use, please inform PVMARS of your budget and we will configure it according to your).

What's the price of a 15kW 3phase solar power plant?

15kW solar power plant prices US$11,611- 3phase Gel battery design. (Valid for 30 days).

Note: If you need a quote for lithium battery design or single phase 220vac, please contact [email protected] to obtain it.

Below are the product parameters and pictures of the 15kw 3phase solar plant.

15kW 3Phase Solar Power Plant Description

Solar panel

Strong anti-cracking, heat spot protection

Topcon solar panels packing

PVMARS provides monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels from 50w-600w.

Among them, monocrystalline N-type TOPCon solar panels are currently a popular option because their high conversion efficiency and low degradation rate make them more efficient than P-type solar panels.

How much electricity can a 15kW solar panel produce?

Based on the average lighting time of about 4-6 hours, a 15kw solar panel can generate 63,6kWh-95,4kWh per day, about 2862kWh per month, and about 34,344kWh per year.

Solar panels generate power related to the amount of sunshine in your local area. Click on this article to learn more.

Data sheet under STC Condition

Maximum power at STC(Pmax)

530 Watts

Optimum operating voltage (Vmp)


Optimum operating current(Imp)


Open-circuit voltage(Voc)


Short-circuit current(Isc)


Module efficiency(%)

23% (It is expected to reach 26% in 2027)

STC: Irradiance 1000W/㎡,Module temperature 25°℃,AM=1.5

NMOT:Irradiance 800W/㎡,wind speed:1m/s,Module temperature 20℃

Tolerance of Pm:0~+5W

This is laboratory data and may deviate from actual use.

Mechanical Parameters


N Type Mono-crystalline silicon solar cells

Cell Size


Cell Quantity


Dimension of module




Junction Box

Separated Junction Box with 3 diodes

Output Cables


Operating temperature

-40℃ to 85℃

Specifications are subject to change without further notification

PV combiner/DC lightning protection

Multiple solar panel string inputs 
PV array wiring simplified, controller protection, 
Wide range of DC input voltages, max circuit voltage: 1000V

Reliable thunderstorm & surge protection

BESS of PV combiner   BESS of PV combiner debugging

Solar controller

Real MPPT solar controller

DC voltage:240V
Rated current: 80A

MPPT efficiency >99.9%, Max input voltage:800V various protection functions

MPPT solar controller

15kW 3-phase IGBT inverter

PVMARS conventional inverters can choose between MOS tubes and IGBT modules, but we recommend IGBT modules.

The IGBT is more efficient than the MOS tube, but the price will also increase accordingly (if you’re interested in the MOS tube inverter, please contact us).

An IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) is a super-electronic switch that withstands extremely high voltages.

The AC voltage of a typical house is 220V, and the paper-thin IGBT chip can withstand 6500V. And it can flow 200A of current!

It is very suitable for precision instruments, factories, hospitals, and large shopping malls.

This powerful IGBT inverter deserves your house. You deserve better!





DC voltage(V)


Input voltage(V)

380V± 20%(3 phase), phase voltage 220V

Input frequency


Output voltage

380/400/415V optional+ -1% for static load, 5% for fluctuant load

Output wave form

Pure sine wave

Total-harmonic- distortion

< 3% linear load, < 5%( nonlinear load)

Transfer time

Inverter / bypass transfer switch time(Overload): 0ms inverter / bypass transfer switch time (fault inverter) 1ms

Transfer Efficiency Protections



Protection against short-circuit, over load, high-voltage, reverse polarity

protection and low-voltage protection


Overload 125% for 10 mins, 125%-150% for 1 min. automatically resume when the load becomes normal

3 phase solar system
15kW solar battery

The gel battery of this 15kw solar plant is designed with 20pcs 12v250ah batteries with a total capacity of 60kWh.

Capacity (25℃)







Terminal type


Internal resistance  (Fully charged,25℃)

Approx.3m Ω

Capacity affected by temperature (10HR)









Self-discharge (25℃)

3 months

Remaining Capacity:91%

6 months

Remaining Capacity:82%

12 months

Remaining Capacity:65%

Nominal operating temperature


Operating temperature range


-15℃~50℃(5℉~ 122℉)


-10℃~50℃(14℉~ 122℉)


-20℃~50℃(-4℉~ 122℉)

Float charging voltage(25℃)

13.50 to 13.80V Temperature compensation: -18mV/℃

Cyclic charging voltage(25℃)

14.50 to 15.00V Temperature compensation: -30mV/℃

Maximum charging current


Maximum discharge current

1500A(5 sec.)

Designed floating life(20℃)


In addition, PVMARS also offers lithium battery options. If your installation location is limited and you want more power, our small-volume 60kWh lithium battery is also an excellent choice.

Please contact our sales team for specific prices.

Ground support/PV bracket

Full set for Slope, Flat roof or Ground land optional

Including complete fittings

Wind load: 55m/s, snow load:1.5kn/m2

Structure: Anodized aluminum + stainless steel

Customized as per user’s requirement

Solar Panel Rack/Bracket

Ancillary equipment

Junction boxes, cabling, lighting, sensors, breakers

1) 16mm2*35CM, 16mm2*2M battery cable,20M 16mm2 cable with battery terminal.

2) 4mm2 PV cable.

3) full set of install tools, terminals and MC4 and 2P/4P switch box

Solar Cables and Accessory

15kW Solar Power Plant Packing Details

Solar panel packing
Solar panel packing
BESS full container ship out with UN3536
BESS full container ship out with UN3536

Why choose PVMARS?

Manufacturer of solar power clean energy

PVMARS solar Factory -100% Lab


In strict accordance with the German 5S technical standard, our production workshop has marked the production time, model, quantity, and other information for each raw material. Successfully ensure the high quality and efficiency of finished products.


Global authoritative certification

PVMARS solar products have passed TUV, IEC, ISO, CE, and RoHS quality certifications.

Before leaving the factory, our testers will perform no less than 120 extreme impact tests, and all kinds of inspections in order to get your approval.

PVMARS Solar Energy Storage Factory Certificate Of Authority
Real-time remote monitoring of the safe operation of solar energy system

Safety reminder for solar system

With PVMARS solar IoT, through your phone or computer view real-time performance data of your solar system, such as solar panel power generation, battery capacity, etc., and receive timely maintenance and safety alerts to extend the life of your solar system.

At the same time, your dedicated engineers will help you adjust the data through IOT. Double protection!


17years of professional installation team

PVMARS provide a full set energy storage system
PVMars solar and wind power system case

Mr. Li, the founder of PVMARS Solar, has been to more than 32 countries for field surveys and solar energy storage system installation. He has trained 5 core solar system and wind turbine system installation experts, as well as a number of overseas installers.

If you need our overseas installation service, the engineer will arrive at the installation site within 10 days after the goods arrive at the port.

In addition, for users who purchase our photovoltaic energy products, wind turbine products, solar all in one street led light products, and solar air conditioning products, we will provide the paper version of installation instructions and electrical drawings with the shipment of goods, as well as the electronic version online.

For the needs of different users, to ensure the correct installation of the product, your dedicated engineers have been waiting online, at any time to video remote communication with you, patiently guide you step by step to complete the installation, and debug the operation of the machine etc. Ensure that you are protected from all hidden dangers.

By partnering with experienced PVMARS Solar, you can be confident that your installation project will be successful. This will meet your renewable energy needs for 25 years and more.

PVMARS Case Study Wall





500kVA 500kW BESS Solar Energy Generation for Industrial Plant

PV array+BESS

500KW - 2MW

PVMARS Solar History

Customized 24-hours off-grid solar energy system

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