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5kVA 5kW Wind Turbine Cost – Horizontal Axis

PVMars provides a world-class 5kW wind turbine with a controller, IGBT inverter, and batteries. Full set 5kW wind plant for home, villa, or farm.

Price Term: EXW

Place Of Origin: China

MOQ: 1 set, accept OEM & ODM

Type: 5kW horizontal wind turbine

Home and Commercial wind power storage solution

Can work with solar/battery/grid or generator backup

Introduction of 5kW Wind Turbine

The complete system of a single 5kW wind turbine + controller + inverter + battery can help you achieve energy independence.

Get rid of diesel generators or utility grids. Your life will be powered by free, green, and reliable energy.

The 5kW wind turbine is ideal for providing 24-hour power to your house, villa, farm, hotel, resort, and more.

Any electrical equipment that requires electricity can also be powered, including air conditioners, TVs, microwaves, refrigerators, production equipment, precision instruments, etc.

Keep browsing for more information on the 5kW wind turbine parts and prices.

Here's what a 5kW wind turbine looks like

Horizontal axis wind turbine disassembly diagram

We can divide it into many types of wind turbines based on different axial directions. (Click on the orange font for more information).

PVMARS is committed to customers receiving complete products. If there are any missing parts or quality issues, you can check our after-sales policy and enter your money protection mechanism.

Tips: 5kW = 5 kilowatts = 5000 watts

5kW wind turbine features and advantages:

1) PVMARS’s horizontal axis wind turbines have tail rudders. These rudders can automatically adjust the windward angle to 360°, without fear of wind direction changes. Increase power generation.

2) The wind blades are reinforced with fiberglass, which can withstand violent storms of more than 40m/s.

3) Using a three-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous generator, it can work safely in a cold environment of -40°C.

PVMARS can add color to wind blades according to your local environment, reducing bird deaths.

Why can adding color protect the local ecological environment? Click on the orange font to learn 8 cool facts about wind turbines

300w-100kw wind turbine produce from PVMars company

What size of a 5kW wind turbine?

More specific parameters are as follows:



Rated power


Starting wind speed


Rated voltage


Rated wind speed


Security wind speed


Rated DC voltage


Number of blades


Wind blade diameter


Control mode

Electric brakes

Generator type

3 phase AC permanent magnet synchronous generator

Fuselage material

Reinforced die-cast aluminum+steel


-40℃ ~ 80℃

Service life/Degree of protection

≥ 20 years / IP54

Packing material

Foam and plywood



Packing size



5kw wind turbine is packaged in these 3 parts

– wind blades, generator and other accessories

How much power does a 5kW wind turbine produce?

From the power curve table below, we know that the wind turbine’s energy changes as the wind speed changes.

5kW wind turbine working curve

When the wind speed reaches 12m/s, it can generate 5kW of power.

But the wind speed is not 12m/s all the time, so we calculate the average wind speed.

With an average wind speed of 5m/s, a 5kw wind turbine can generate 30kwh per day.

What should I do if the wind speed is not enough?

You may consider using a 5kw wind-solar hybrid system

What's the price of a 5kW wind turbine?

5kW wind turbines cost US$2,355. (valid for 30 days).

Note: When confirming your order, please contact our sales team to get the latest price.

Do 5kW wind turbines take up a lot of space?

How to install wind turbine in energy system?

While 5kW wind turbines aren’t massive, they require a decent amount of space, considering two main factors:

1. Rotor diameter: This is the size of the circle swept by the blades when spinning. 5kW turbines have diameters of 6 to 8 meters (20 to 26 feet). Imagine a circle that covers the ground wide – that’s the minimum horizontal space needed for safe operation.

2. Tower height: To capture stronger winds, the turbine needs to be placed high up. 5kW turbines typically sit on towers ranging from 12 to 15 meters (39 to 49 feet) tall. This adds to the vertical space requirement.

Therefore, the total footprint of a 5kW wind turbine can vary depending on the specific model.

However, it’s generally within a circle of 6-8 meters radius and a height of 12-15 meters from the tower base to the blade tip.

Here’s some additional perspective:

Football fields are 91 meters (100 yards) long and 49 meters (53.3 yards) wide.
There’s no way a 5kW wind generator will cover an entire football field, but it won’t take up most of the space either.

A typical single-family home has a lot size of around 600-1000 square meters (6,500-10,800 square feet). A 5kW turbine could potentially fit on such a lot, depending on the layout and zoning regulations.

Remember, these are just general guidelines. Always consult with our professionals to determine the exact space requirements for a specific 5kW turbine model and your intended location.

They will consider factors like wind patterns, zoning restrictions, and safety clearances to ensure proper placement.

For details on how to install a 5kW wind generator, read on.

How are your wind turbines produced?

Please watch the video below.

Play Video

Do 5kW wind turbines make a lot of noise?

The 5kW wind turbine noise level is about 45 decibels, so it does not affect your daily life or sleep.

Maybe the language is too pale. You can watch the video below and listen to the actual sound:

How Noisy Are Wind Energy Generation?
Play Video about How Noisy Are Wind Energy Generation?

Can I use my one wind turbine directly?

Wind turbines are the main body of power generation and require current conversion and transmission through wind controllers, inverters, batteries, etc.

Moreover, wind, like solar energy, has intermittent windlessness. Once there is no wind, the wind turbine cannot generate electricity.

Therefore, if your local area does not have or does not want to use a public utility grid, connecting the wind turbine to the battery is currently the most economical and convenient option.

Among them, inverters are the most critical in wind power systems. If you are interested, please check below.

Inverter parameters for a 5kW wind power system





DC voltage(V)


Input voltage(V)

160-265VAC / 90-127VAC

Input frequency


Output voltage

Four steps AVR, 110V/120V/220V/230V for optional

Output wave form

Pure sine wave



Low-voltage protection(V)


Over voltage protection(V)


Recharge current


Transfer Efficiency Protections



Protection against short-circuit, over load, high-voltage, reverse polarity

protection and low-voltage protection


Overload 125% for 10 mins, 125%-150% for 1 min. automatically resume when the load becomes normal

PVMARS’s 5kw inverter uses IGBT modules, which are more powerful than MOS tubes to control and achieve efficient power conversion. Its price will rise accordingly – (If you want to know the price of MOS tube inverters, please contact our team).

What makes it powerful?

The IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) is a super-electronic switch that withstands ultra-high voltages.

The AC voltage in our homes is 220V, and the paper-thin IGBT chip can withstand 6500V.

In general, when all household appliances are turned on, the maximum current will not exceed 30A, but an IGBT chip the size of a fingernail can flow about 200A!

Is it possible to connect a 5kW wind turbine directly to a battery?

No, because the battery is DC power and the 5kW wind turbine is three-phase AC power.

The connection between them requires a wind controller to function as a DC-to-AC converter. This way, the battery can fully receive the 5kw wind turbine power.

PVMARS provides gel batteries and lithium batteries.

How much battery capacity does a 5kW wind turbine have?

The battery capacity for a regular 5kW wind turbine system is 19.2kWh. The battery capacity is closely related to the duration of your electrical load.

If you need a longer backup time, contact our professional to customize a system that meets your needs.

How much does an entire 5kW wind power system cost?

The price of a 5kW wind power plant is US$6,626 – the battery is gel. (valid for 30 days).

If you need lithium battery design, please send an email to [email protected] for consultation.

Wind controller with dump load

MPPT intelligent control

5kW wind controller
96Vdc intelligent control Lightning protection.

Wind turbine current limiting, Wind turbine automatic brake, and manual brake.

Wind controller with dump load

Guy cable pole/Stand alone tower optional

We suggest a 6m or 9m height tower for a 5kw wind turbine.

It helps fasten the wind generator to a safe altitude. 
Use steel material with rust prevention.
Easy to install

Guy cable poleStand alone tower for windmill

5kW wind turbine packing details

Before each loading and shipment, our factory has special personnel to check the QC inspection of qualified products.

They distinguish and mark the area to place, ensure the shipment quantity, model, customer name is accurate, only after the standard is allowed to load containers. 

Ensure that you receive complete and correct goods at the end.

Wind turbine packing
Solar panel packing

How do you install a 5kW wind turbine?

Horizontal axis wind turbines are composed of wind blades, wheel housings, nacelles, tail fins, etc.

This 5kW wind turbine from PVMARS will be assembled and tested in the production factory.

You only need to set it up according to the installation manual provided by us to achieve off-grid living. 

We also provide overseas installation services. Please fill in the form if required.

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Why choose PVMARS to provide a 5kw wind power plant?

Global authoritative certification

PVMARS products have passed TUV, IEC, ISO, CE, and RoHS quality certifications.

Before leaving the factory, our testers will perform no less than 120 extreme impact tests, and all kinds of inspections in order to get your approval.

How do we warranty your renewable energy product?

Safety reminder for wind system

With PVMARS IoT, through your phone or computer view real-time performance data of your energy system, such as solar panel and wind power generation, battery capacity, etc., and receive timely maintenance and safety alerts to extend the life of your hybrid system.

At the same time, your dedicated engineers will help you adjust the data through IOT. Double protection!


Hybrid wind solar system case study

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PV array+BESS

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Direct manufacturer pricing, no middleman markups.

We are able to offer durable equipment at competitive price.

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Customized 24-hours off-grid solar energy system

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