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Buy 30W Solar Powered Wall Light All In One Type Best Quality

Get 30W Solar Powered Wall Light Best price comes with solar panels, lithium battery, human body sensing. High brightness for remote areas/home/factory

Place Of Origin: China

MOQ: 1 set, accept OEM & ODM

Type: All-in-one solar lights for outside

Certificate: TUV, ETL, ISO, CE, RoHS

Payment: T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union

PVMARS establishment time and advantages

16 years

Leading photovoltaic energy storage technology

24 hours uninterrupted power supply solution

24 hours

Intelligent brightright solar lights of 24-hour power supply

Meticulous and warm solar expert

24/7 online

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Solar lights for outside

PVMARS solar Factory -100% Lab


In strict accordance with the German 5S technical standard, our production workshop has marked the production time, model, quantity, and other information for each raw material. Successfully ensure the high quality and efficiency of finished products.


Global authoritative certification

PVMARS solar products have passed TUV, IEC, ISO, CE, and RoHS quality certifications.

Before leaving the factory, our testers will perform no less than 120 extreme impact tests, and all kinds of inspections in order to get your approval.

PVMARS Solar Energy Storage Factory Certificate Of Authority

Intelligent All In One Solar Light Detail Diagram

Intelligent All In One Solar Light advantages
Night sensor + PIR motion sensor + Auto on/off + Easy to install


  • Elegant Integrated Design, aluminum alloy case, IP65 protection level
  • Night sensor + PIR motion sensor + Auto on/off + Easy to install
  • Double chip, the Max. Lumen is up to 210LM/W
  • Every element can be easily replaced by users, lightweight, and high radiating performance.
  • Over 140° wide lighting angle, with a life span of over 60,000 hours.
  • Battery fixed inside the lamp, anti-theft design.
  • Support 3~5 nights of lighting time

Your dedicated engineers are ready to start customizing your solar LED light system!

30W All-in-one Solar Power Led Street Light Description

60 Watts mono solar panel

Shingled/HJT solar panel, USA TR Technology panel, higher efficiency, longer life.                                      Cell Efficiency(%):18-21%  Solar cell(mm):1200*540*30

Warranty: 25years

Strong anti-cracking, heat spot protection

               Solar panel

Lithium battery pack

Capacity: 12V26Ah                                                Lithium battery inbuilt controller (IP65) 
Laser welding technology has low impedance, no heat, better conductivity, and a service life of 15 years.                      Packed with high-performance LFP single cells, long life, safety, and a wide temperature range

High energy density, small size, lightweight, no pollution


Solar lamp source

Power: 30W BridgeLux LED chip

Lumen (LM): 210lm/W

Colour Temperature: 6500-7000K

Discharge time: Over 36 hours,considering 3-5 rainy days

Working temperature: 20~+60 degrees

Waterproof rate: IP65      Packing size:1170*375*165mm        Weight: 16KG                 

20 foot  container load: 260sets(pole no include)    40 foot container load: 550sets(pole not include)

Intelligent All In One Solar Light Detail Diagram

Solar lamp post

Total high: 6 meters 

Material: hot galvanized, spray quality fluorocarbon appearance

Top diameter: 60mm         Bottom diameter: 160mm  

Wall thickness:3mm      Material:Q235      Weight:55kg    

With power coating + 300mmX300mmX16mm base plate + cage

solar lamp post

                                     Separate solar light of single armcage


Before each loading and shipment, our factory has special personnel to check QC inspection of qualified products.

They distinguish and mark the area to place, ensure the shipment quantity, model, customer name is accurate, only after the standard is allowed to load containers. 

Ensure that you receive complete and correct goods at the end.

Solar panel packing
Solar power street light packing

More installation manual and video, please click here.

We have oversea installation service. The engineer will arrive at the installation site within 10 days after the goods arrived at port.

PVMARS Case Study Wall


All-in-one solar light

Split solar street light


In the world, there are many clean energy sources, but only photovoltaicss is the most reliable power supply. The closest to our life is a kind of renewable energy everywhere. The future of photovoltaic energy will be because of technological innovation, and the cost will be lower, we will live an independent and free life.

PVMARS Solar is one of the most innovative manufacturers of solar energy storage technology. This is for you to pursue safer, more convenient, and more competitive prices for solar products.

PVMARS Solar History

Solar Products FAQ

Q: What does this PVMARS system include?

A: A complete off-grid or on-grid solar clean energy system, including all accessories required for installation.

Q: Can I customize one?

A: Of course, you can customize the most efficient solar power system. Your exclusive solar expert is waiting. To provide you with any energy solution, customized according to different power consumption, actual use of equipment, scenarios etc. Solar systems come in different configurations.

Q: Who is responsible for transportation? Or home delivery?

A: There will be dedicated staff responsible for your products’ production, packaging and shipping. To deliver goods safely to the destination port by sea or air. The entire process, including transportation and customs clearance, is handled by us. Europe, Asia, Africa to provide home delivery or nearby pickup service. Provide relevant packing and shipping documents and information on time.

Q: What is the lifetime of a solar power system?

A: The life of the solar panel is 25 years, the charger controller is 5-7 years, the inverter is 5-7 years, and the battery is 8-10 years. Our IOT monitors the installation and operation of your solar power system in real time to extend service life.

Q: Are there any protection measures for solar power overload, and how do electricity leaks, lightning strikes, and hail happen?

A: PVMARS Solar’s PV combiner box and inverter have overload safety functions. To protect each other, they will disconnect the connection with your equipment in the event of abnormal voltage, such as lightning strikes and leaks. After the voltage is restored automatically, the solar system will start automatically. Secondly, the photovoltaic module floor is made of excellent impact-resistant tempered glass. This glass can withstand 200Pa wind stress and 7200Pa snow stress after strict trial and test when passing EU certification.

Q: What can you expect from PVMARS Solar?

A: In addition to providing products, PVMARS solar also provides free on-site survey, customized design solutions, production, installation and maintenance one-stop services.

Customized 24-hours off-grid solar energy system

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