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Rechargeable Li Polymer: Capacity, Li Cycle, battery saver

Rechargeable Li-Polymer refers to the outer layer of material for polymer aluminum plastic film, this kind of battery also belongs to lithium battery.

Rechargeable Li Polymer inner structure

What is a lithium battery?

The term lithium battery refers to electrochemical batteries that contain li (including metal-lithium, li alloys, lithium-ion, and li-polymer).

Lithium batteries can be classified as lithium-metal and li-ion.

1-Lithium-metal batteries are non-rechargeable.

2-Li-ion batteries can be recycled, but we usually talk about lithium batteries.


After more than 30 years of commercial development, lithium batteries have become the most popular energy storage type.

As a factory specializing in solar energy storage technology, PVMARS Solar understands that the quality of a lithium battery lies in the battery cell.

PVMARS Solar has already collaborated with well-known battery cell brands BAK, ATL, and LG.

High-quality battery cells produce stable, safe, and reliable lithium batteries. Watch the video below to learn more about lithium battery production.

Another point is very import because lithium batteries are different from gel batteries.

They need to be designed by professional solar experts to provide you with a highly compatible solar energy storage system. This is so that your lithium battery operates better.

The following content will help you understand the basic information about lithium batteries.

Lithium battery classification

1- According to lithium batteries’ appearance: square lithium batteries (such as commonly used mobile phone battery cells) and cylindrical lithium batteries (such as 18650)

Base the IEC61960 standard, rechargeable lithium polymer batteries are tagged as follows:

Square lithium battery naming method: thickness + width + length (size) six digits to name; For example: 053450, size:5*34*50mm

Square lithium battery

Cylindrical lithium battery naming method: diameter + height (size) + 0 five-digit naming, 0 represents its cylindrical shape; For example: 18650, 26650, etc

2- By lithium battery outsourcing material: aluminum shell li battery, steel shell lithium battery, soft pack battery

3- According to lithium batteries’ positive and negative materials: LiCoO2 or LiMn2O4, LiFePO4, Li(NiCoMn)O2

The capacity of lithium batteries

The amount of electricity that a battery can give under certain discharge conditions is called the capacity of the battery. It is represented by the symbol C. The unit commonly used is the ampere-hour, or Ah or mAh for short.

Capacity is usually associated with charging and discharge current, such as the highest charging current of a lithium battery is 1C. The maximum discharge current of the ternary lithium energy storage type is 2C, and the power type is 5-15C. Lithium iron phosphate’s maximum discharge current is 5-30C.

For example, if the capacity of a 2000mAh battery is 1C discharge, the discharge current is 2000mA, that is, 2A, if it is 0.5C is 0.5 times the capacity, 2C is 2 times the battery capacity, and so on.

ls your lithium battery 100% full capacity or not?

Li Cycle is the used life

The cycle life of a lithium battery is closely related to charging point discharge conditions. The cycle life of 1C charge and discharge can reach up to 2000-4000 times.

The product is expected to last up to 8 years under normal conditions.

This analysis lets you evaluate important parameters such as capacity, internal resistance, and cycle life.

Why add a protection board?

Lithium batteries have a high energy density, long cycle life, no memory effect, and other advantages.

Moreover, lithium batteries are flammable, explosive, intolerant of overcharge and discharge, and have other disadvantages as well.

For battery saver, and efficient use, the use of lithium batteries needs to add a protection circuit board.

The protection board is divided into hardware and software protection

Hardware protection: circuit protection parameters are set in advance inside the IC, and cannot be changed externally.

Advantage is stable performance and a low price.

Disadvantage is that the parameters and the model can only match each other.

Software protection: the intelligent protection chip can be programmed and set to achieve the final desired protection parameters through a computer or program.

Advantages are strong versatility and a wide application range

However, the price is higher, and the software operation is more complicated.

At the moment we generally recommend software protection because it will be more flexible and free in the long run.

Protection circuit composition: IC

Protection circuit composition: IC, MOS tube, auxiliary components, circuit board

Board functions include over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, and temperature.

Other functions also include power management, up and down voltage output, connection and communication, etc.

In the following figure, you can see the conventional protection board for solar street lamp batteries with a 10A current.

The red line frame is an IC, and the blue line frame is a MOS tube. The IC is from SIKO, Japan, the MOS tube manufacturer is AOS, and the configuration is IC 8254+MOS 4407*6.

PVMARS Solar is serious about PV energy storage. If your lithium battery does not have a protective plate, the battery voltage will rise indefinitely and cause an explosion and fire.

For your life and property, choose your solar energy storage system manufacturer carefully.

Wang, who has a dual master’s degree in materials molecular and physics, is the manager of PVMARS solar energy storage’s R&D department. He is passionate about solving users’ problems and overcoming technical barriers

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