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We have seen an immediate reduction in our energy bills and a change in our power consumption patterns since we installed the PVMARS off-grid solar power system. And PVMARS IOT is so smart to remind me why my battery is running so fast. We can also contribute power back to the grid over the summer, […]


Our broadcast station is located at the top of the mountain, and we have used diesel generators before. We worry about the diesel transportation of the generators, maintenance, and voltage instability every day. The current power source is the 30kw hybrid solar wind energy system. In our limited budget and installation area, PVMARS recommends using […]


It’s awesome how much I save on my partner’s bill with 10kw solar and battery package, but for me, it’s the peace of mind that I can use our electrical appliances knowing that we have clean energy. I’ve already recommended them to family members because they’ve been friendly, upfront, and responsive. 


500kw solar energy storage system has operated in our remote countryside for two years. This week, Dunsborough experienced another blackout. Now we are happy to tell you that our town is not affected. All houses keep the lights on, use refrigerators, surf the Internet and listen to music to relax. This is thanks to PVMARS […]


There was no problem with the installation, the instructions and online remote video install guidance were great, the system is working great and I’m producing 90% of my power. I just got my first bill back, last year $1290, this year $119, it’ll pay for itself in two years at this rate. You just have […]

Liz and Ed

The 5kw solar storage system was installed in 2018. We were initially attracted to the idea of using lithium batteries at night while solar power supply our house during the day. In addition, it can also provide seamless grid failure protection. At that time we did not know that the main city power had been […]