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Top 10 Solar Energy Equipment Supplier After-Sale Service

Unlike clothing/food, a solar energy system is a power generation device composed of various complex electronic components. As a consumer, what you care most about is after-sales protection.

As one of the top 10 solar energy equipment suppliers in China, PVMars would like to tell you about our after-sales guarantee service.

How much energy does a 100kw solar system produce?

After-sale guarantee for solar equipment:

Maybe you have seen some solar energy equipment suppliers who once marked “solar panel warranty for 25 years” on the quotation. Is there a real 25-year warranty?

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Looking around the world, SunPower, the pioneer of the solar panel industry, was established in 1985, and it was not until 2000 that it successfully launched commercial solar panels.

It is fleeting, and now in 2023, products such as solar panels have only gone through 23 years of market trials, and the actual use time has not yet reached 25 years.

Any electronic component equipment needs to be rigorous, and the results of laboratory tests, solar panels can guarantee 80% power generation for 25 years, need to be compared with actual use.

Therefore, when some solar energy equipment suppliers propose an after-sales service like “solar panels can be guaranteed for 25 years”, we should be vigilant and realize that this behavior misleads us to make purchases.

25 years of power generation is not equal to 25 years of quality warranty.
Sunport Linear Power Warranty

PVMars promises a free quality warranty period of 15 years for TOPCon solar panels.

If you receive PVMars solar panels, you find unequal power generation (low power generation), cracks on the surface, quality problems with the connection ports, etc.

According to the 15-year warranty period marked in the contract, PVMars should provide you with new high-quality solar panels for replacement free of charge.

The same is true for gel batteries. Once quality problems are found within the warranty period, we will replace them with new ones for you.

The free after-sale guarantee mechanism for each configuration of the solar power system is as follows:

Warranty periodProductQuality problem, how to guarantee?
15 yearsSolar panel/bracketFree replacement of new solar panel/bracket
10 yearsPV CombinerFree replacement of new components
6 yearsLithium batteryFree replacement of BMS/charging board/cell
2 yearsGel batteryFree replacement of the whole gel battery
3 yearsController/InverterFree replacement of new components

The above is a free after-sales warranty mechanism (it is completely free for consumers, and you do not need to bear any costs, including but not limited to air express fees, new replacement product costs, engineer consulting fees, etc.).

Correspondingly, there is also a paid warranty (payment) mechanism.

Paid warranty and free warranty mechanism:

In the previous chapter, we understood that free means 0 fees.

As for the paid warranty, it is easy to understand that it is a paid money warranty.

For example: after using the inverter for 3 years, if it fails, then you can contact your solar energy equipment suppliers and ask for a warranty.

But since the warranty period stipulated in the contract has been exceeded, you will need to pay for new replacement components and repairs.

Even some solar equipment suppliers will ask for expert consultation fees and so on.

PVMars hereby promises that only the cost of replacing components will be charged for the paid warranty, and no other costs will be charged.

In another case, paid maintenance within the warranty period is a human factor that leads to the failure of photovoltaic equipment.

We have a customer A from South America who purchased a 5kW solar energy storage system.

According to the installation manual and video provided by PVMars, the system connection was completed and used for some time.

But suddenly the 5kW inverter couldn’t output power, and there was a burning smell. This in the end is why?

Customer A contacted the PVMars solar energy equipment supplier, and our experts responded on time.

First, we ask the customer to turn off the inverter, open the case for inspection, and take photos.

As shown in the figure, it is the capacitor inside the inverter that has burned out.

The 5kW hybrid inverter of PVMars contains MOSFETs (inverters above 5kW models use IGBT modules), power management chips, PCB boards, MCUs, and other components.

To ensure the quality and user experience, the MOSFETs are from American brands such as Infineon/IR.

MCUs come from well-known brands such as TI, NXP, ST, Microchip, Infineon, and Renesas.

MCUs come from well-known brands such as TI, NXP, ST, Microchip, Infineon, and Renesas
The MOSFETs are from American brands such as Infineon/IR.
Under normal circumstances, it is not easy to cause burning failure problems.

After investigation, we found out that the inverter had been connected to a 3kW petrol generator before it burned out.

What you need to understand is that any inverter can be connected to a generator, but there are certain conditions.

That is, the power of the inverter must be greater than the starting power of the generator.

The generator is an inductive load, what is an inductive load? Please click on the orange text to jump to the relevant page for more information.

Start power of this type of load is often about 3 times the rated power.

The rated power of 3kW corresponds to a starting power of about 9kW.

This is far greater than what a 5kW inverter can handle. The inevitable burning of the components inside the inverter is the result.

For more information about the load meter, click “5kW Solar System” to learn more, to avoid similar situations in the future.

The instruction manual attached to PVMars’ photovoltaic equipment packaging also lists such failure problems.

But it is a pity that customer A did not use the equipment according to the manual, so this kind of warranty is a paid warranty.

Please click on “Fault Problems and Solutions Represented by Inverter Displayed by Different Numbers” to learn more usage skills in advance.

How to replace old components?

After we clearly understand the after-sales protection mechanism (if you are still unclear, please contact the PVMars after-sales team), no matter whether it is paid or free in the end, we need to repair it.

For example: the aforementioned inverter capacitor burnt out, how to replace it?

The above video belongs to the situation where a professional electrician helps you to carry out maintenance.

And PVMars will not make you so troublesome, we usually provide you with a whole new PCB + capacitor, and you only need to replace the whole piece.

If you want to become a qualified electrician.

Or develop more in-depth cooperation with PVMars solar energy equipment suppliers.

We are willing to help you from 0 to establish a solar equipment after-sales service center locally.

When you cooperate with PVMars, you will get:

1- Partner’s best cost price

2- Online training every month

3- Offline face-to-face training every quarter or year (according to turnover)

4- Extend the life of each product with one or more new replacement components/complete products (according to turnover)

5- Online marketing and promotion to help your brand become famous all over the world and get more customers

6- Develop the production line of offline photovoltaic equipment

PVMars helps every entrepreneur committed to renewable energy to achieve sustainable development together.

Top 10 Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers After-Sale Service
Kevin, who has a dual master’s degree in mechanical engineering and chemistry, is the manager of PVMARS solar energy storage’s R&D department. He is passionate about solving users’ problems and overcoming technical barriers

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PVMARS Solar will set up 120 energy user service centers around the world. It will provide on-site investigation, design drawings, solar energy storage system solutions, transportation of goods, assist you to import solar energy storage system, installation services, and continue to cooperate with local engineers, exclusive agents and foreign merchants.

We sincerely hope to work with like-minded partners. Win-win cooperation to achieve harmonious coexistence between mankind and nature.

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