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Comparing different types of wind turbines

What kind of wind turbine? Check PVMARS

In general, wind turbines are composed of wind turbine blades, generators, nacelles, controllers, transmission, yaw, hydraulic, braking and safety systems, towers, and foundation cages.
Classification according to its components will reflect the final cost difference. This blog will reveal to you why wind turbine prices and quality vary.

6 Steps To Test Your Wind Turbine

How to test your wind turbine

Getting wind turbines to work efficiently and perform well is crucial for your ROI. To ensure these units can generate electricity efficiently, we have conducted a series of rigorous tests.

How Does A Wind Solar Hybrid System Work?

Wind solar hybrid system how to work

The wind-solar hybrid system works by utilizing an array of solar panels, and wind turbines. The power generated is stored in a battery bank, and when you need electricity, the inverter converts the DC power stored in the battery bank into AC power, which is sent to your electrical loads through transmission lines.