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Ultimate Guide Videos for All Types of Mounting Brackets-Solar PV

This is the most comprehensive solar panel mounting video article, including videos of various mounting brackets.

For example, how to use the balcony to install solar panels. This includes iron sheet/ground roof solar panel bracket installation, tile/slate roof solar panel bracket installation, aluminum ground bracket installation, concrete/sand installation bracket, etc.

At the end of the article, how to install solar panels without brackets.

Ultimate Guide Videos for All Types of Mounting Brackets-Solar PV

How to install solar panels on the balcony?

Balcony solar panels are deeply loved by the public, and more and more people have learned to use limited space to create free renewable energy for themselves.

But at the same time, it should be noted that if you also want to install a balcony solar system, you need to know the following points:

1- Make sure your balcony has enough space to accommodate the solar panel — the general solar panel is about 1 meter long, and the largest solar panel is about 2 meters long at present.

2- You need to check with your landlord or condominium association for restrictions on installing solar panels on balconies.

Finally, about how to install it, please watch the following video. Each step of the operation is detailed in the video.

Our set of balcony solar panel brackets includes adjustable arms/lock plates/vertical rails/connected feet.

How are solar panels attached to a metal/tin roof?

You have found the right person. PVMars is a solar energy equipment supplier, and has installed 1MW of grid-connected solar systems for hospitals in Malaysia.

Those solar panels are all installed on the tin roof. For more information about this case, click on the orange font.

Metal roofs are uneven, so clamps are needed to fix guide rails.

Universal clamp, versatile for vertical-folded seam profiles with a seam width of less than 14mm.

In the past, we also used L-shaped feet and hanger bolts to nail to the iron sheet or clamps for fixing.


L foot & Hanger bolt


Secondly, the roof has a slope, a plane, and other differences. For flat roofs, we offer adjustable legs up to 0.8 meters, and the angle can be 10-30 degrees. This can adapt to different regions’ sunshine anglesclick on the orange font to learn more about your local sunshine.


Tilt Leg of mounting bracket


Next, watch a how-to video on how to install this stand.

The good news is that now PVMars has developed and innovated, using multi-functional fixtures, solar panels can be installed on metal roofs without rails.

Rail-free PV mounting kit comes with great time and cost efficiency. Due to few components and much quicker installation than the rail mounting system.

Very friendly in logistics and handling.

Rail-free mount solution for install solar panels

Rail-free mount details

How are solar panels installed on tile/slate/concrete tile roofs?

In addition to metal roofs, there are various roofs around the world.

For example, our user in New Zealand also has a slate roof.

However, when you take out the slate tiles, you will find that the bottom is supported by wooden strips.

Then PVMars roof hooks are attached to these wooden strips. The rails carrying the solar panels will also be attached to the tile roof hooks.

You might say that your own roof has no wooden strips.

Generally speaking, there must be a relatively sturdy material on the top beam of the roof. This material acts as a skeleton to support the roof tiles.

In order to fix tile roof hooks, we simply need to figure out which is the roof skeleton.

Tile Roof Hooks fixed solar panels

Watch the how-to video below. There is a video cut of the roof structure made of concrete bricks, and we can see the sturdier concrete floor below the bricks.

What is an open solar panel shed?

If your roof area is limited and you cannot install more solar panels, this open solar panel shed is very suitable for you.

They are composed of strips of aluminum and steel pipes that are square in shape.

According to the shape of your roof, find 4 support points, and then steel pipes are erected.

The links between the points are elevated to form an additional layer of the solar panel roof.

In this way, functions such as activities under the solar panel, placement of items, and heat insulation can be achieved.

open brackets to fix multiple solar panels

Most are used in carports, or where flat roof areas are limited. Watch a video of one of our users being installed.

Why I Don't Mount Solar Panels on the Roof?

If you have enough land, you can install it on the ground.

If you are worried about someone stealing your solar panels, you can refer to our case in Chile — click on the orange font to see how the user in this case protected the solar panels from being stolen.

For the ground support installation steps, please watch the following video content.

Finally, we can also choose special poles to support solar panels.

The poles here are not tracking bracket systems, but manually adjustable pole brackets. Click on the image below to watch the related video.

If there is something you are not clear about, contact our solar energy experts. They are always ready to answer your questions.

Knowing so much about solar panel brackets, you may think that installing them is an extremely complicated thing, so let’s simplify it.

If you don’t choose a bracket to fix the solar panel, what kind of story will there be?

Solar panels don't use brackets mount:

Yes, we can choose a foldable/flexible solar panel. This kind of solar panel can design the original frame as hollow.

This is so that we can use rope or other linear objects to pass through the hollow and tie it to the pole. There is a video below for reference.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of installing the bracket is to better fix the solar panel.

If there is a more convenient and feasible method to fix the solar panel.

PVMars will definitely recommend it to you, and effective solutions are based on solar panels’ characteristics and your on-site installation environment.

Providing you with the most professional and perfect solar energy system solutions is what we strive for.

Advantage PVMars Mounting Bracket
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