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Warranty & Return

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Warranty period

Different products have different warranty periods.

Solar panels: 15-25 years

Combiner box and bracket: 10 years

Lithium battery: 5-10 years

Solar street lights: 3 years

Wind turbines: 3 years

Other products are 2-5 years (Off-grid inverter or On-grid inverter)

Shipping fee definition for returns within 30 days

There is a 30-day return policy on any product. PVMars will pay shipping costs for returns due to the following reasons: missing parts inside the product, product not complying with the contract, incorrect product received, or any additional product you did not order.

Return shipping costs caused by other reasons will be borne by the buyer.

Who can return or exchange goods?

Only the consignee on the contract. Excluded if it is resold.

The 30-day return policy does not apply below

Misuse, abuse, modification, accidental damage, or any use beyond the instructions provided in the product manual.

Repairs by anyone who is not certified or follows PVMARS instructions.

If any modified product is received, we will return it to you at your expense.

Time for return and exchange of goods

We received a notification from the transportation company that the goods have been picked up. After waiting for 7 days, we will start calculating the return policy within 30 days. – 7 days is determined based on the installation time of our previous customers.

Therefore, it is recommended that after receiving the goods, you take photos and videos of the outer packaging in time. You should also install it as soon as possible.

Renewable energy systems are diverse and installation steps vary. Please click on the product categories below to get the corresponding installation details.

Systems above 100kW can be negotiated with our team and start time calculated separately.

Refund method

After PVMARS has inspected the product, if it complies with the return policy, we will negotiate with you within 3 days for a refund.

In addition, we promise that the solar panels will have sufficient power output. If power generation is insufficient in sunny weather, PVMARS will return the product for a refund unconditionally!

Free warranty mechanism

If there is a quality problem with a product that is within the warranty period, our free warranty mechanism is as follows:

Solar panels and gel batteries will be shipped a full one by sea and delivered to you for replacement.

Lithium batteries, controllers, combiner boxes, and inverters all have many internal parts.

Please fill in the corresponding details according to the following warranty form: you must provide a contract certificate. It is recommended to attach pictures or videos of the inverter display and the machine working.

PVMARS after-sales team: Upon receipt during working hours, we will reply to you with relevant solutions within 2 hours.

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Lifetime warranty mechanism

PVMARS has a lifetime warranty on any product.

Products that exceed the warranty period are covered by a paid warranty.

You can still free-contact our after-sales team to inquire about repairs.

It would be our honor to help you!

John Doe
John DoeHomeowner
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We have seen an immediate reduction in our energy bills and a change in our power consumption patterns since we installed the PVMARS off-grid solar power system. And PVMARS IOT reminds me why my battery runs so fast. We can also contribute power back to the grid over the summer, which is a big plus.
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Our broadcast station is located at the top of the mountain, and we have used diesel generators before. We worry about diesel generator transportation, maintenance, and voltage instability every day. The current power source is the PVMARS hybrid solar and wind energy system. PVMARS recommends a solar wind system. This can reduce the battery footprint, but also provide a 24-hour uninterrupted and stable power supply.
Liz and Ed
Liz and EdHomeowner
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We installed PVMARS solar storage system was installed in 2018. We were initially attracted to using lithium batteries at night while solar power supplies our house during the day. In addition, it can also provide seamless grid failure protection. At that time we did not know that the main city power had been cut off. We saw outside, originally brightly lit streets and houses because no electricity changed to dark, to realize that the city grid had been cut off. We have achieved power independence, and electricity freedom for our house thanks to solar energy.
JeremyVillage head
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PVMARS solar energy storage system has operated in our remote countryside for two years. This week, Dunsborough experienced another blackout. Now we are happy to tell you that our town is not affected. All houses keep the lights on, use refrigerators, surf the Internet, and listen to music to relax. This is thanks to PVMARS solar company, which customized the electricity battery system according to our town's electricity demand. This has greatly improved our residents' happiness index.