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On Grid Solar System

Consumers care about environmental protection and greenness, but they are more concerned about greenness in their wallets.

On-grid solar systems save utility bills, provide quick ROI (return on investment), positive ROI, and increase property value.

And, for business owners, reduced costs and increased benefits. There are also significant intangible benefits such as energy independence and a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

As well as solar power generation, the grid-connected system can also generate power from wind turbines or both.

PVMARS provides various renewable energy solutions and also provides cost-effective and high-quality products.

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We want to use on-grid solar power to reduce high electricity bills.

However, there are many brands of on-grid solar systems on the market. How do we compare and choose?

Grid-tied solar systems can broadly be divided into solar panel and on-grid inverter brands. PVMARS cooperates with many solar panel brands and purchases solar cell crystalline silicon wafers in large quantities for production.

The following video is about our factory and how we produce solar panels.

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Therefore PVMARS can provide very low solar panel prices. Solar panels cost 0.15usd/watt – 0.24usd/watt.

For on-grid solar systems, solar panels cost slightly more than off-grid PV panels. This is because grid-tied systems have no batteries to store and therefore require higher-quality solar panels to generate electricity and transmit it to the utility grid.

If you use a on-grid solar system, you must understand its working mode.

How does an on-grid solar system work?

On grid solar system for home, factory, farm use

On-grid solar systems lack batteries. It is because it is connected to a larger battery than the physical battery – the utility grid. The utility grid is like a virtual battery. During the day, power from the solar panels is transferred through a grid-tied inverter to your equipment and the utility grid.

Then at night, you can tap into all the energy solar panels produce during the day which is stored on the utility grid.

While reducing electricity bills, according to your local power grid policy and with the grid connection license provided by PVMARS, you can sell excess electricity and make profits.

What can I do if I don’t want to sell electricity?

By adding a CT meter to the AC output of the grid-connected inverter, you can prevent backflow which is solar current from flowing into the utility grid.

If don't want to sell power to your city grid, we can add CT smart meter on grid-tied inverter

There are also battery-less systems (that is, no electricity is sold). The special feature of this type of system is the inverter.

Traditional grid-connected systems can sell electricity, but in the event of a grid failure, the entire solar system will stop supplying power – the main reason is to protect the personal safety of local workers repairing the grid.

If you don’t want to be unable to use solar energy during a power outage, you can choose a battery-free solar system.

It can supply you with solar power without a grid and battery backup (provided there is sunlight and the solar panels can generate electricity).

Off-grid solar system without batteries design

If your city grid has no power supply for 5-8 hours a day, you can consider a solar energy storage system or a wind-solar hybrid energy storage system.

We can see the importance of on-grid inverters in grid-connected solar systems. PVMARS lists 5 different inverter brands here with their prices.

You can compare, choose a suitable grid-tied inverter, and DIY your on-grid solar system.

Comparative for on-grid inverters price:

Grid-tied inverters are string inverters. For example, 100kw power can be generated by using 10 x 10kw on-grid inverters combined in series to output.

Or 2 x 50kw on-grid inverters can be connected in series to output 100kw power. Due to their high operability and flexibility, they are suitable for DIY on-grid solar system design.

3KW string on-grid inverter comparison:

BrandEXW Price
GrowattUS$ 388
DeyeUS$ 381
InvtUS$ 389
GoodWeUS$ 355
SofarUS$ 347

What is the EXW price? Please click on the orange text to jump to the relevant page to learn more.

5KW string grid-tied inverter comparison:

BrandEXW Price
GrowattUS$ 541
DeyeUS$ 523
InvtUS$ 419
GoodWeUS$ 440
SofarUS$ 423

6KW string grid-tied inverter comparison:

BrandEXW Price
GrowattUS$ 541
DeyeUS$ 550
InvtUS$ 430
GoodWeUS$ 436
SofarUS$ 431

10KW string on-grid inverter comparison:

BrandEXW Price
GrowattUS$ 846
DeyeUS$ 837
InvtUS$ 584
GoodWeUS$ 575
SofarUS$ 541

15KW 3-phase on-grid inverter comparison:

BrandEXW Price
GrowattUS$ 947
DeyeUS$ 776
InvtUS$ 724
GoodWeUS$ 592
SofarUS$ 575

20KW 3-phase on-grid inverter comparison:

BrandEXW Price
GrowattUS$ 1319
DeyeUS$ 849
InvtUS$ 970
GoodWeUS$ 634
SofarUS$ 634

30KW 3-phase on-grid inverter comparison:

BrandEXW Price
GrowattUS$ 1505
DeyeUS$ 1190
InvtUS$ 1136
GoodWeUS$ 956
SofarUS$ 964

50KW 3-phase on-grid inverter comparison:

BrandEXW Price
GrowattUS$ 1826
DeyeUS$ 1760
InvtUS$ 1895
GoodWeUS$ 1519
SofarUS$ 1200

100KW 3-phase on-grid inverter comparison:

BrandEXW Price
GrowattUS$ 3974
DeyeUS$ 3023
InvtUS$ 3568
GoodWeUS$ 2824
SofarUS$ 2706

Grid-connected inverters need relevant certificates to enter your country and sell electricity on the grid. Therefore, some grid-connected inverter brands are relatively high because they have complete certificates and apply to any country and region.

Please contact PVMARS to find out which inverter brands have grid connection certificates for your region.

PVMARS offers string on-grid inverters and micro-inverters.

If you want to accurately control the amount of electricity produced by each solar panel, you may consider using the following brands:

Deye BrandEXW Price
SUN300G3-EU-230US$ 181
SUN500G3-EU-230US$ 218
SUN600G3-EU-230US$ 149
SUN800G3-EU-230US$ 165
SUN1000G3-EU-230US$ 178
SUN1300G3-EU-230US$ 282
SUN1600G3-EU-230US$ 299
SUN2000G3-EU-230US$ 316
SUN-M60G4-EU-Q0US$ 184
SUN-M80G4-EU-Q0US$ 191
SUN-M100G4-EU-Q0US$ 198

How to choose the best on-grid solar system kit?

On-grid solar is primarily determined by your electricity usage. You can subject to own electricity bill, or download and fill out the load sheet to contact us. We will customize a grid connection kit based on your situation.

Likewise, you can refer to PVMARS’ existing on-grid solar system kits for matching:

If the average monthly electricity consumption is 120kwh – 600kwh, we recommend 1kw-5kw:

The average monthly electricity consumption is 1200kW – 3600kwh. PVMARS recommends 10kw-30kw:

Business owners consume electricity for two-thirds or more of their operating costs. For example, for our customers in Panama, their local electricity bill is very expensive.

If they do not use solar energy, their annual electricity bill will be 90,000 PAB.

Now they have used 3 x 10kw on-grid solar systems from PVMARS and realized profits in the fifth month. For more details, click on the article below to read.

For monthly electricity consumption higher than 3600kwh, we recommend choosing: 50kw-300kw, and above.

DIYing your on-grid solar system requires final installation. Download our easy-to-follow installation instructions for on-grid solar systems.

On Grid Solar System Installation Manual

PVMARS provides installation services if required. For example, our installation team arrived in Malaysia and completed the installation of a 1MW grid-connected solar system.

The grid-connected solar system now powers their hospital and generates profits.

If the local sunshine is insufficient, you can consider a grid-connected wind turbine system and a on-grid wind and solar hybrid system:

Batteryless grid time wind solar hybrid system

The above on-grid solar systems all sell electricity. If you don’t want to sell electricity, or there is no such policy locally, consider battery-less solar systems: PVMARS offers 3kw-10kw. It can be connected in series to increase capacity.

Batteryless solar power system working mode
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