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Wind Solar Hybrid System

We can go completely off the grid with solar + batteries, but this would require a lot of capacity (and a lot of money!), which means most homeowners and commercial and industrial owners won’t go this route.

For wind solar hybrid systems, this is the road less people to walk.

Wind turbines are more efficient at night and in colder months when solar irradiance is lower. Instead, solar panels generate the most power during the day and summer, supplementing lower wind speeds.

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Combined with a wind turbine, whether it is rainy, cloudy, or night, as long as the wind speed is 2-3m/s (the feeling of a gentle breeze blowing on your face), the wind turbine will start to rotate and generate electricity.

When coupled with appropriate battery storage, it is an excellent energy independence solution off the utility grid.

You will not need to worry that when there is no sunshine, the solar panels will not generate enough electricity, causing you to be unable to use refrigerators, lights, mobile phones, computers, etc.

How does the wind-solar hybrid system help you achieve 0 electricity bills, power self-sufficiency, and high-quality living?

How does the wind solar hybrid system work?

PVMARS’s wind and solar hybrid systems include energy storage and grid-connected type (without battery grid tie wind turbine kit).

If your local public utility grid is stable and the power outage lasts less than 1 hour, those who are interested can click on the picture below to learn more about it.

More content on network systems.

Here we focus on energy storage wind solar hybrid systems:

Its main power generation sources include wind turbines and solar panels.

1000w – 5000w wind turbines and solar panels are converted into stable DC power through an integrated controller.

They then flow into the battery pack and finally deliver pure power through the DC-AC inverter to supply your equipment.

Off grid wind solar hybrid system for home use

Wind-solar hybrid systems above the 5000W model are charged through solar and wind controllers.

Wind turbines above 3kW consist of a three-phase alternator, so a separate controller is required to convert it to direct current.

The battery pack is the only intersection between the 2 power generation methods. Therefore, battery choice is very critical.

PVMARS provides gel and lithium batteries. 

Perhaps you have heard that the average wind speed needs to be above 5m/s before a wind turbine can generate sufficient power. 

This sentence is correct, but it ignores the prerequisite, the wind turbine.

The wind power industry has been developing for more than 100 years, and it appeared earlier than solar panels.

Therefore, the technology, types, production, installation, etc.

Are all very mature. According to the classification of the central axis and shape, it can roughly be divided into horizontal and vertical axes.

Basically, for horizontal axis wind turbines, the minimum starting wind speed is 3m/s, and the average wind speed must reach more than 5m/s to provide sufficient power.

The minimum starting wind speed of a vertical-axis wind turbine is 2m/s. As a result, an average wind speed of 3-5m/s can provide sufficient power.

But generally vertical axis wind turbines cost more than horizontal axis. It is for this reason that horizontal-axis wind turbines remain more popular than vertical-axis ones.

PVMARS provides different wind turbines.

Click to download the category you are interested in, compare and view prices, and select the appropriate model.

This will enable you to design a complete power generation system.

Wind turbines are supported by towers (poles), and there are many types of towers.

PVMARS provides towers in 3m-18m lengths. You can fill out this form at the end-bottom and contact our staff for a customized quote.

Wind turbine components are divided into two parts, the turbine and the tower. PVMARS provides complete wind turbines.

After you receive the goods, you can immediately complete the installation without purchasing additional parts.

Combined with wind turbines, how to design a complete wind-solar hybrid system?

Know more wind solar hybrid system to save your money and make energy independence

If you want to go completely off the grid, the cost of using a stand-alone wind turbine system will be much higher than a hybrid wind-solar system.

A more economical approach is a 3:1 ratio. For example, a 3kw wind-solar hybrid system uses a 1kw wind turbine, a 2kw solar panel, and other accessories.

In this way, the cost ratio will be reduced. A 1kw wind turbine generates an average of 1kwh per hour and is powered together with a battery bank (where solar power is stored during the day).

It provides your house with a steady stream of power to turn on TV, computers, lights, water heaters, refrigerators, air conditioners/fans, and others.

Until the next morning, PVMARS’s wind and solar hybrid system will repeat the same action, absorbing nature’s energy, storing it, and providing you with a top-notch lifestyle.

Only reliable suppliers can help you live a top-notch life!

PVMARS has invested in multiple production lines.

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Among them, the one in the video is a wind turbine factory in Wuxi, China. As for solar energy, batteries, inverters, etc., click on the complete production management system to learn more.

We give you everything you need to build a hybrid wind and solar system.

We have been in the renewable energy industry for 16 years and have a friendly, professional, and knowledgeable team.

Not only does it customize personalized solutions according to your needs, but it can also adjust and innovate product functions for you. Also provide lifelong technical support.

Attentive installation service

Our team provides detailed installation procedures for your DIY:

Download the vertical-axis wind turbine manual or read the horizontal-axis wind turbine installation guide.

We also have an installation team for wind solar hybrid system, if you request, tell our saff.

In addition, PVMARS invites third-party authorities to conduct QC safety inspections before each shipment – such as Bureau Veritas, CCIC, Intertek, etc.

Make sure the quality of your goods is excellent and can be imported into your country

Vertical-axis wind solar hybrid system installation manual

How to choose the best wind solar hybrid system?

Energy-storage hybrid wind-solar systems are customized based on the power of your equipment (load), the time of day you utilize them, and local wind speeds and sunlight hours.

Among them, we can determine the power of your equipment and the time you use them.

Download the load table, and fill in the equipment you have been using. We will be happy to provide you with an accurate quote and an integrated wind and solar solution.

Please note, this is not mandatory.

If your equipment has not been purchased yet or a newly built house, you can refer to the following recommendations:

Find a wind-solar hybrid system solution that meets your needs.

There are no inductive loads such as air conditioners, refrigerators, water pumps, etc. Generally, only lights, mobile phones, computers, kettles, and other equipment are used. We recommend 1kW-3kW.

If you have a small refrigerator (about one liter), it is recommended to choose 3kW.

For example, our Peruvian customers also adopted a 3kW wind-solar hybrid system to provide 24-hour power for their Starlight Holiday House.

PVMARS can also apply wind and solar hybrid system solutions to street lights and monitoring systems.

For any special customized needs, please scroll to the bottom and fill in the relevant information to contact us.

There are 1 x 9000btu or 3 x 9000btu air conditioners, refrigerators, lights, mobile phones, computers, induction cookers, and other equipment you can consider: 5kw-10kw.

PVMARS’s customer in the Philippines installed a 5kW wind-solar hybrid system to eliminate high fossil fuel bills for his family.

Customers in Denmark have used PVMARS’s customized wind-solar hybrid system to spend warm winters year after year in forests without public utility grids, letting them use electricity at any time.

There is no longer a need to cut down trees and burn wood.

If 3-5 air conditioners, 1 x refrigerator, and other equipment used in general households are turned on at the same time, PVMARS recommends: 15kw-25kw

PVMARS’ wind and solar hybrid systems have many uses.

Industrial and commercial owners can use it for communication power stations (broadcast base stations), factories, farms, hotels, communities, playgrounds, primary schools, hospitals, etc.

The video below is of a 25kw wind and solar hybrid system customized by PVMARS for a communication power station in Chile.

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If you already have solar panels, PVMARS can also customize a wind turbine for use in your photovoltaic system.

For example, we added a 5kW wind turbine for a customer in Kenya.

For industrial and commercial customers in factories, hotels, communities, amusement parks, universities, large hospitals, and supermarkets, PVMARS recommends: 50kw-100kw, and above.

For more commercial renewable energy solutions, please visit here to learn more:

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Invest in your future with PVMARS’ wind and solar hybrid systems!

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