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Is commercial solar energy profitable?

Using high-quality commercial solar energy from PVMARS, a return on investment ROI of up to 75%! Small and medium businesses can save an average of $101,300 on electricity.

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You may be like us in that you are also a business owner. PVMARS’s production lines require a lot of electricity every day to produce high-quality solar renewable energy products.

Among them, electricity costs account for one-third of factory consumption, and the rest is production equipment, rent, water, and labor.

Our primary purpose for choosing commercial solar energy is to eliminate high electricity bills. The electricity bill here is not limited to the electricity bill from the public utility grid. It may also be the daily cost of diesel, wood, fossil fuels, and other non-renewable energy sources.

Some generators also require manual gasoline maintenance every three months. Non-renewable energy costs, transportation costs, labor costs, etc. Are all invisible “electricity costs”!

Smart business owners are looking for reliable commercial solar energy to save themselves these "electricity bills."

In addition to saving electricity bills, PVMARS’ commercial solar energy can also make you money!

Yes, you read that right. Commercial solar energy can indeed make money, but how?

First, let's define commercial solar energy

Commercial solar energy is widely used in community homes, irrigation, villages, farms, hospitals, factories, airports, schools, hotels (holiday homes), farms, remote suburbs, etc.

Systems containing solar energy can be divided into: (if you are interested, you can click on the picture to jump to the relevant page to learn more)



For enterprises with huge daily consumption, following the local electricity sales policy, commercial grid-tied solar systems can bring additional income.


For example, Malaysian hospitals that use PVMars 1MW grid-connected systems have begun to use commercial solar energy to profit.

PVMars Solar Energy Storage System Manufacturer
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The Panamanian business owner saved 90,000 PAB in one year.

Commercial grid-connected solar energy using PVMARS achieved a return on investment in just 5 months. ROI up to 450%!

Grid tie commercial solar solution to earn money
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Can only grid-connected commercial solar power make money? Energy storage types work too, but differently.

The commercial solar installation shown in the video installs a 1MWh lithium battery, solar panels with 580W TOPCon technology, a 500kW PCS, and other accessories.

Play Video about 2MW Containerized Energy Storage System for 4 upcoming towns

Its total cost is much higher than a grid-tied commercial energy system. Based on the comparison of local electricity consumption, it is estimated that it will take 3-5 years to pay back the cost.

Why is commercial solar energy storage needed if the return on investment is low?

Because they need batteries to store more energy on cloudy days, rainy days, and without sun. In this way, electricity can be used at any time.

Water pumps can be used to pump water from the river to the mountains and the village farmland.

So crops can be nourished and grown vigorously. When harvest season comes, people can pick sweet fruits together and enjoy everything nature has to offer.

In remote areas far away from the city, electricity is like a child, so fragile it needs someone to protect it.

PVMARS’ energy storage commercial energy storage solutions are sturdy, durable, stable, and of high quality, providing a steady stream of renewable power.

According to their local high-voltage 480VAC requirements, we produce customized IGBT three-phase inverters that output pure sine waves.

The energy from solar energy and batteries passing through the solar controller is transferred to the water pumps they use every day.

3 phase solar system

Without storage-based commercial solar, they may also need diesel generators. Diesel needs to be transported over rugged mountain roads for six hours and dozens of kilometers to reach their villages. Spend time and money.

PVMARS’ high-quality three-phase inverters have 8-year operating lives. During use, only simple maintenance is required to continue to serve you. You can read this article to learn more about ways to improve your inverter’s efficiency.

Stronger IGBT Inverter from PVMars solar

PVMARS’s solar panels use the latest TOPCon technology, with 26.8% power generation efficiency! Guaranteed 90% effective energy delivery for 20 years. It is suitable for use in areas with unstable power, frequent power outages, and power shortages.

Their commercial solar power will offset previous costs after 3 years.

The money you save can be invested in other investments. Even if you put it in the bank, you can still charge interest.

Believe us, investing in commercial solar energy will be the most stable, safest, and highest return rate project you have ever done!

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Make your return on investment impressive!

As an earned income source, commercial solar energy must ensure quality and long service life. This way the return on investment will be higher.

PVMars has a complete production line and management system for energy storage and commercial solar energy, providing world-class quality products at competitive prices.

There is also IoT to monitor commercial solar energy safety.

PVMARS’s commercial solar solutions have two types of batteries to choose from, gel and lithium batteries.

Click on the picture below to see which one suits your project:

One-stop service - we make it easy to build a solar farm


You only need to spend 1-2 minutes filling out the form below to make an appointment with our engineers for a site inspection.

For example, for the two 250kW systems below, our engineers were sent to their airports to conduct on-site surveys and develop suitable commercial solar solutions.

Our team is friendly and knowledgeable.

They can provide a professional commercial solar proposal and quote based on your electricity usage, equipment data sheets, and pictures of the installation site.

The photovoltaic inverter (PV inverter) can only be used for grid-connected applications, and the Power Conversion System (PCS) can be used for on-grid/off-grid applications. They are exactly the same in topology.
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Maintenance and support


Commercial solar systems are maintenance-free. Regular cleaning of the solar panels (3-6 months) and vacuuming the dust inside the inverter can keep it working for you.

For customers with close cooperation, PVMars will conduct expert return visits (such as visits to the installation site for inspection) regularly every 3-6 months.

If you have an installation team, we provide free online and offline training.

PVMars solar and wind power system case

In addition, if you want to DIY it yourself, we trust your hands-on ability.

Without our installation team, you can still get a commercial solar energy storage system that generates normal power by referring to below installation manual.

For projects with power above MW, we support financial financing solutions.

PVMARS invites third-party authorities to conduct QC safety inspections before each shipment – such as Bureau Veritas, CCIC, Intertek, etc.

Make sure the quality of your goods is excellent and can be imported into your country

What is the most efficient solar system for commercial use?

It is essentially the same as a home solar system, a distributed power generation system. The power range is from 5kW to 1MW.

Among them, the variables we can control include the load and working time of your electrical appliances, what kind of electrical appliances are used, etc.

You can download this detailed load table and fill it in according to the prompts inside. It’s not mandatory.

Or to be simple, we don’t want to add more stress to your life. Therefore, we refer to previous cases and 16 years of experience to give examples of commercial solar solutions. These are solutions that most users ultimately use in different application scenarios. Please refer:

If you want to apply commercial solar to your home, homes that use solar power sell faster than homes that don’t. Buyers are more interested in homes with pre-installed renewable energy systems: 1kw-10kw

If you want to apply it to schools, farms, hospitals. Most customers will choose: 15kw-50kw

For example, our engineers assisted with the installation of a 15kW solar system in Somalia for their hospital.

There is also a 20kw solar system that provides quiet, noise-free, renewable electricity to primary schools in Chad.

Video of using a 30kw solar system to irrigate your farm:

Play Video about Solar and wind power for farm

Used in factories, villages, hotels (vacation houses), and non-profit organizations. Most customers will choose: 60kw-300kw

PVMARS’s 150kW commercial solar system provides high-quality and stable power to the hotel in the video.

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Airports, large shopping malls, towns, large communities, etc. If necessary, our team can take you to the site to conduct surveys and customize a set of commercial solar energy solutions for you: ranging from 500kw – to 2MW

PVMARS’s 2MW PV panel + 6.25mwh lithium battery backup system can be used by more than 1,000 local households.

It is a large-scale community-type commercial solar energy project.

If the solar system does not provide equivalent power generation, we will refund your money unconditionally!

Our commitment is to provide a complete MW commercial renewable energy turnkey solution. This includes MV transformers, switchgear, and up to six DC/DC converters to allow BESS connection. Everything is assembled and tested in the factory.

Please watch the video of how we assemble a MW-class battery energy storage system:

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And a video on installing BESS:

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The communications industry is also very suitable for solar energy storage systems, such as the communications energy storage system introduced by Sam in the video:

Play Video about PVMars battery storage system with HVAC

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Make money with commercial solar!

Using PVMARS commercial solar energy solutions, you can save money while reducing greenhouse emissions for Mother Earth. Let’s help our blue planet together!

Take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire below to view your quotes and compare them (your privacy will not be leaked).

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