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Solar Solution for Home

What are the benefits of solar electricity for your home?

Off-grid living is possible with a complete PVMARS solar solution for the home. Live a top, self-sufficient life free from high electricity costs from the utility grid.

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In the summer, I want to be able to open the refrigerator as soon as I get home drink chilled mineral water, and eat sweet fruits. Ignoring the hot sun and blazing land outside my house.

Pick up the remote control, turn on the air conditioner, stereo, or TV, and lie down on the sofa to enjoy the cozy temperature.

Open up the PVMARS solar app on your phone and check out how much you’ve saved on your electric bill today with this complete solar system.

The benefits of solar solutions for homes go beyond saving on electricity bills.

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The solar power and also lets your family use the ingredients in your refrigerator normally when, at some unknown time, the utility grid stops supplying power due to overload.  when you’re hungry by taking the fresh meats and vegetables out of the refrigerator. Let you have a gourmet meal.

Especially in the winter, if you’re in an area with heavy snowfall, the lower temperatures can freeze the power channels. This leads to unprovoked power outages.

Without a fireplace or wood stove to heat your home, a solar energy storage solution can get your home heater or underfloor heating up and running. This will keep your house temperature constant.

A complete solar solution addresses all aspects of your home’s electricity use.

Saving money on your electric bill is just the basic advantage of solar systems.

With PVMars solar solutions

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You can rid your home of high electric bills and use electricity whenever you need it.

Distributed renewable energy power replaces the old centralized utility grid.

Enjoy the good life, from the irritating diesel/gasoline generators to the tranquility and nature.

PVMars solar solutions lets you to live a top-notch life and provide your home with constant electricity flow!

Categorization of solar solutions

In addition to home solar solutions, they are broadly classified into 3 types below:

If your utility grid supply is stable, with an average outage time of less than 1 hour, and there are policy incentives for selling electricity, click on the picture of the on-grid system to get more details.

If you don’t want to sell electricity, PVMars’ system can as a batteryless + no utility grid design.

The wind-solar hybrid system is suitable for areas with 5m/s average wind speeds. If you are interested, you can click on the corresponding image to learn more about the details.

On this page, we will focus on solar energy storage systems.

How to choose the right solar solution for your home?

Solar panels generate electricity according to the amount of electricity you consume in your home.

The capacity of the batteries corresponds to the amount of time your home appliances are used at night or during a power outage. They are all designed closely related to your home’s electrical equipment (loads).

Fill in the loads (appliances) your home is using. If it is a newly built home, you can refer to the previous use of electrical appliances. Our team will receive it and will calculate and customize a solution suitable for your home solar energy plans.

Of course, if you want to quickly choose a solar plan for your home, you can refer to the following solar solutions ( Data from PVMARS with big data research ):

For homeowners who do not have an air conditioner or refrigerator and only use fans, computers, cell phones, and TVs, the odds are that they will choose: 1kw-3kw

Homeowners with 1 x 9000btu ( 750w ) air conditioner and a refrigerator, TV, computer, and microwave, probability of choice: 5kw-8kw

Homeowners with 3 air conditioners (9000btu-12000btu) in use at the same time and a refrigerator, TV, computer, kettle, water heater, etc., most homeowners select: 10kW-15kW

Homeowners with 5-10 rooms where 5 air conditioners are on at the same time, containing electrical equipment normally found in a home, will choose: 20kW-40kW

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Solar energy storage systems can be subdivided into

Off-Grid Solar Systems, Hybrid Solar Systems, and Off-Grid Solar Systems (Grid+Battery, which sell electricity)

During 16 years of market research, PVMars found the hybrid solar solution to be the best for most homes. Why?

There is a lot of terminology in the renewable energy industry before we dive into it.

To make it clear to you, we have summarized some of the terms, which can be understood by clicking on the image below.

How does a hybrid solar home system work?

The hybrid solar energy system included batteries. PVMars batteries are meant to do more than backup power.

They can also power your house at any time. So you don’t need to worry about not having enough power from your home’s solar panels at night, in the rain, and on cloudy days.

For most homes, the power generated by a solar panel is not equal to the time of day you use it.

Midday is the time of day when the sun is at its fullest. If you are not at home and all appliances are turned off, then excess solar energy will be stored in batteries, and when you return home in the evening, you can enjoy the steady power it brings.

The renewable energy system generates electricity when there is wind and the sun shines.

However, not when there is no wind and the sun sets.

That's why most homes now incorporate batteries as a mini-grid.

Although the upfront capital investment costs more, batteries are quieter and maintenance-free than diesel/gasoline generators. It offers the highest return on investment as time passes.

Solar energy storage systems currently have colloidal lead-acid and lithium battery options. 

The hybrid solar solution includes batteries, solar panels, inverter ( DC to AC ), solar controller (generally under 15kw models, PVMars can build the controller into the inverter), PV combiner box (generally over 5kw models will be required), optional configuration (bracket, wires, and installation tools)

PVMars Off grid solar power system drawing

Among them, the solar controller and inverter are the most integral parts of the solar solution.

Through the solar controller, the DC power generated by the photovoltaic panels is charged into the batteries.

Finally, through the inverter, the DC power from the batteries is converted into AC power (pure sine wave), which is delivered to home appliances.

At the same time, the hybrid inverter can be connected to the utility grid.

This is so that power from the grid flows into your home appliances or recharges the battery bank.

The solar solution has 3 working modes

With 3 working modes to choose from, the hybrid inverter can power your home.

1- Utility Priority Working Mode: means the system will be on-grid. It prioritizes the use of power from the utility grid to supply your home appliances and can recharge batteries.

However, the “grid-tied” inverter will not output power = it will not sell power.

When the utility grid fails, the inverter automatically uses solar power to supply it.

At night, if utility power returns, it still uses utility power. Finally, battery power is activated (provided there is no solar or utility power). This mode of operation is suitable for using the solar energy storage system as an emergency power supply.

So the capacity and number of solar panels and batteries designed will be relatively small, and the cost will be correspondingly much lower.

2- Battery priority mode of operation: opposite to the utility priority mode of operation. The hybrid inverter will prioritize the battery for power supply.

If the system is designed with solar panels, the hybrid inverter will prioritize charging the solar energy into the batteries before using the power from the batteries.

At night, when the batteries are low (e.g. a 12v battery with a voltage below 10v), they will be supplemented by power from the public grid.

3-PVMars hybrid inverters now have a new feature: you can set a percentage factor. To prioritize 30%-50% of solar power to household loads before charging the batteries.

PVMars can provide what for your home?

Apart from being a factory and offering competitive prices. We can also customize integrated packaging to take each system configuration, which is scattered, and pack it into a single pallet to reduce shipping volume.

This will save you money on shipping costs.

Solar power system packing all in one box

Every home is unique in its electricity usage! Therefore, our solar solutions are also customized to meet each situation’s needs.

Our team is warm and friendly and has extensive experience designing solar solutions. Can work with your existing power generation equipment – such as a diesel generator. Provide a complete set of solar programs for home use.

When you receive the goods, no need to buy other accessories locally, you can just install them!

Complete installation and after-sales service system

PVMars solar solutions are for global users, providing world-class quality. You just need to follow our instructions for proper connection and use, without excessive maintenance investment.

In addition, PVMARS invites third-party authorities to conduct QC safety inspections before each shipment – such as Bureau Veritas, CCIC, Intertek, etc.

Make sure the quality of your goods is excellent and can be imported into your country

Click on our 30-Day return policy to learn more about our comprehensive after-sales service.

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