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Redefining Solar lights for outdoor

Whether it’s cloudy or night, use sustainable solar lights to reshape the dark landscape and illuminate our way forward at any time.

Solar lights are widely used in homes, city main roads, highways, parking lots, tennis courts, construction sites, arch bridges, crosswalks, meteorological towers, parks, and any dark places that require security lighting and surveillance cameras.

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City street lights VS Solar lights

Ordinary street lights are used on highways, urban roads, parks, and areas reached by public utility grids. As fossil fuels become non-renewable, electricity prices rise, resulting in weak utility grid supply. This may cause some roads to be unlit at night.

Solar light is better then city street light

When you’re driving home or going on a date. It may happen that the road in the field of vision suddenly disappears into darkness, seriously disrupting traffic order.

Lucky for you, you didn’t encounter anyone preparing to cross the road and avoided hidden traffic hazards.

There are more dangers out there in the dark, and we need a reliable lighting solution. Safely guide us on our way home.

When every household has a continuously illuminated solar lamp in front of its door, accidents will be greatly reduced.

So how do solar lights achieve reliable lighting?

Components of solar lights

Before understanding it, let’s learn the professional terminology of auxiliary solar street lights:


The unit is lumens Lm. Generally, lamp beads are 100-110lm/w, and high ones are 170lm/w.

PVMARS’s solar lights use American Bridgelux dual-core lamp beads, which are brighter than single-core lamps.

The lamp bead brightness is about 170lm/W, and the lamp brightness is 130~140lm/W.

The brightness of the entire lamp is equal to the brightness of the lamp beads x the number of lamp beads.


The unit of illumination is Lux, and its value is the luminous flux on a certain surface unit/the area of this surface.

When 1Lm of light shines on an area of 1m2, its illumination is 1Lux.

Color temperature:

Color temperature is a physical quantity and a fixed value of the light source’s color, which cannot be changed. The unit is Kelvin, abbreviated as K.

Yellow light ≤3000K, warm white 3000K~5500K, true white 5500K~7000K. This is a material property of lamp beads.

LED lamp beads are the key luminous subject of all solar lamps. It is also one of the core components of solar lights.

PVMARS imports lamp beads raw materials from well-known brands such as Bridgelux and Cree from the United States and Wafer from Taiwan and returns them to the factory for production.

PVMARS solar lights production line
Separate solar light of single arm

Each lamp bead constitutes a light source and a lamp. Complete with solar panels, a remotely adjustable charge controller, batteries, a light pole, and a base kit (optional). It is a complete set of solar lights. So how do they work together to illuminate at night?

How do solar lights work?

Solar panels absorb solar radiation during the day and convert it into electrical energy. The generated electrical energy is stored in the battery pack through a charge and discharge controller.

Whenever it is cloudy or at night, the sunlight gradually weakens to about 10lux, and the open circuit voltage of the photovoltaic panel is about 4.5V.

After the controller detects this voltage value, it will turn on the battery discharge mode to power the LED lamps and achieve lighting.

Solar panels produce power through a charge controller to the battery

Free Guide to Solar Lighting Design

If you are in an area with many rainy days, how do you configure a battery backup?

For example, I need a 60W solar light with a 10-hour battery life. It includes 100% illumination for 4 hours, 50% illumination for 4 hours, 20% illumination for 2 hours, and 3 rainy days for backup.

Calculated as follows:

Photovoltaic panel: lamp power x usage time x backup time = solar panel x sunshine time (6 hours)

Solar panels will require 60W x 4h + 30 x 4 + 12 x 2 = 384W/day x 3 rainy days = 1152W /6h = 192W

Battery voltage x battery capacity/lamp power = lighting time

The battery will require 1152W/24v = 48AH

To control costs, PVMARS can be paired with small wind turbines and solar panels to provide nighttime lighting power.

Save cost to use wind solar lights
How to set up a wind turbine on the solar light?

For areas with complete public utility grids, PVMARS street light controllers can be designed to provide complementary functions to the mains.

In addition to solar energy and battery power, it can also be supplemented by city power.

How should we choose suitable solar lights for various application scenarios and needs?

How to choose the best solar lights?

Solar lights are available in 5w-600w, or even 1000w.

There are also solar lawn lights, solar flood lights, solar street lights, solar lights with monitoring, split solar lights, etc. It’s dazzling.

The variety of solar lights is very rich. We need to choose based on the actual situation.

After all, I won’t install solar lawn lights on the highway.

PVMARS summarizes the following products based on 16 years of industry experience and successful cases. We can refer to them together:

Install solar lights around parking lots, homes, or military areas.

It is recommended to use solar street lights with CCTV monitoring, which can provide lighting while monitoring the surrounding situation at any time to improve personnel safety.

Road lighting in hospitals, parks, and urban roads – You can consider all in one integrated solar street lights, which have infrared sensing functions.

When no people, cars, or other objects pass by, 30%-50% of the light is used. Once an object passes by, it will be 100% bright instantly. Save energy and utilize it flexibly:

Integrated street solar lights can be installed on any object (whether a tubular pole or a wall). You don’t need to buy another 6m long light pole to install and fix it.

This saves the shipping cost of shipping in a 40ft cabinet because the light pole cannot be cut off for transportation.
No need pole, the all in one solar lights can install on the wall

PVMARS’ integrated solar street lights have been successfully installed in hospitals in Somalia.

We have dispatched engineers to assist locally so that their 15kw solar energy storage system and 40w integrated street lights can provide continuous and reliable power and lighting.

If you are in a cold place where even your phone needs a heating patch to operate, can you still use solar lights? It’s possible, like if we provided road lighting to their communities in Kazakhstan.

The batteries in PVMARS solar lights have been tested under extreme cold. You can watch the temperature test video for lithium batteries below.

Play Video

Any product must pass PVMARS’s strict testing before being shipped to your home or project installation site.

If you have questions about the product, click on the warranty policy here to learn about PVMARS’s 30-day return policy. Protect your wallet and investments.

If used in factories, highways, large football fields, etc., we recommend split solar street lights:

PVMARS’ split solar lights provide 24-hour road lighting for Tanzania factories. Their project hopes to be integrated into the city’s power grid.

When the gel battery runs out of power, it uses the public utility grid power supply. Gel batteries, solar panels, and urban power grids are more economical.

Installation and maintenance of solar streetlights

Solar street light batteries can be installed on the ground, on top of light poles, hung on light poles, behind solar panels, and on the ground.

PVMARS provides high-quality solar lights and complete installation and maintenance services. Please read the article below to learn more.

I purchased a 600W solar light. Why do I always feel that the illumination is not enough?

Consumers misunderstand the solar lighting industry. For example, in the article below, PVMARS’s 15w solar lights are overall larger than the 30w solar lights customers purchased elsewhere.

Why does this phenomenon occur?

My solar light didn’t have enough backup time, and it only lasted for 5 hours before running out of light.

PVMARS’s solar lights have a cloud control system that can be adjusted in real time through the mobile app.

Intelligent controller system to adjust solar lights working time

In addition, this situation needs to be considered during production and design. You only need to fill in and submit the form below, and PVMARS can design a solar light that is 100% suitable for you.

We specialize in commercial solar LED lighting solutions with competitive quotes.

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