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30KW 40KW 50KW 80KW Solar System Cost

How much does a 30kW 40kW 50kW 80kW solar system cost?

PVMars lists the costs of 30kW, 40kW, 50kW, and 80kW solar plants here (Gel battery design).

If you want the price of a lithium battery design, please click on the product page of the corresponding model to find out.

30KW 40KW 50KW 80KW Solar System FAQ

30kW, 40kW, 50kW, and 80kW solar energy storage systems are widely used in house communities, irrigation, villages, farms, hospitals, factories, airports, schools, hotels (holiday homes), farms, remote suburbs, etc.

How big are the solar panels on 30kW, 40kW, 50kW, and 80kW solar plants?

PVMARS offers 50W-600W solar panel models, with 550W and 580W being the most popular choice.

We will design a complete solar energy storage system based on your project installation area, power demand, budget, etc.

Their dimensions are 2279 (length) x 1134 (width) x 30 (thickness) mm per panel. 550W-580W solar panel weight is about 27.5kg.

What's the area required to install 30kW, 40kW 50kW, and 80kW solar panels?

30kW solar plant required 52pcs 580w solar panels, total will take up about 135 m2 (1453 ft2).

40kW solar plant required 65pcs 580w solar panels, total will take up about 169 m2 (1819 ft2).

50kW solar plant required 91pcs 580w solar panels, total will take up about 237 m2 (2551 ft2).

80kW solar power plant required 140pcs 580w solar panels, total will take up about 364 m2 (3918 ft2).

How much power does a 30kW, 40kW 50kW, and 80kW solar system produce?

The amount of power generated by a solar system is related to the installation location, sufficient sunlight, whether there is any obstruction, etc.

For more examples of factors that come into play, check out this article on “How Many Solar Panels Will You Need?

PVMARS will be calculated based on laboratory data from solar panels and the average sunshine time of 6 hours. You can refer to the following power generation data:

30kW solar system can produce approximately 5,429 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per month.

40kW solar system can produce approximately 6,786 kilowatt hours (kWh) of monthly electricity.

50kW solar system can produce approximately 9,500 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per month.

80kW solar system can produce approximately 14,616 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per month.

One-stop service - we make it easy to build a solar power plant

We have a professional, knowledgeable, patient, and friendly installation team. PVMARS’s team can reach deep into mountainous areas without electricity supply and provide solar system installation services. For example, the 250kW solar system in the video.

This system is designed with 4 x 200kWh lithium batteries, which store more energy on rainy days and without sunshine. Let local farmers access electricity at any time.

PVMARS designs water pump inverters that enable farmers to pump water from rivers to fields in the mountains and villages.

In this way, crops can be nourished and grow vigorously. When harvest season comes, people can pick sweet fruits together and enjoy everything nature has to offer.

Play Video about Solar and wind power for farm

30kW 3phase solar system installation guide


You only need to spend 1-2 minutes filling out the form below to make an appointment with our engineers for a site inspection.

For example, for the two 250kW systems below, our engineers were sent to their airports to conduct on-site surveys and develop suitable commercial solar solutions.

Our team is friendly and knowledgeable.

They can provide a professional commercial solar proposal and quote based on your electricity usage, equipment data sheets, and pictures of the installation site.

The photovoltaic inverter (PV inverter) can only be used for grid-connected applications, and the Power Conversion System (PCS) can be used for on-grid/off-grid applications. They are exactly the same in topology.
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Maintenance and support


Commercial solar systems are maintenance-free. Regular cleaning of the solar panels (3-6 months) and vacuuming the dust inside the inverter can keep it working for you.

For customers with close cooperation, PVMars will conduct expert return visits (such as visits to the installation site for inspection) regularly every 3-6 months.

If you have an installation team, we provide free online and offline training.

PVMars Solar Energy Storage System Manufacturer

Ensure your solar product quality

PVMARS invites third-party authorities to conduct QC safety inspections before each shipment – such as Bureau Veritas, CCIC, Intertek, etc.

Make sure the quality of your goods is excellent and can be imported into your country