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10kW-50kW Solar Wind Turbine Cost

How much does a 10kw-50kw solar wind turbine cost?

PVMars lists the costs of 10kw-50kw solar wind turbines here (Gel battery design).

If you want the price of a lithium battery design, please click on the product page of the corresponding model to find out.

Below are 1kW-100kW wind power plant, solar power plant, and hybrid solar wind system prices for your option.

How does the 10kw-50kw solar wind turbine work?

It combines solar panels + wind turbines, dual renewable energy power sources. Taking advantage of seasonality, with abundant sunlight in the summer, solar systems use daytime sunlight to convert it into reliable electricity.

In winter, the sun weakens, but the wind is strong. In this wind-solar hybrid system, wind turbines take advantage of the growing wind speed to support solar energy.

PVMARS recommends battery energy storage systems. This is because they are intermittent energy sources, so adding batteries can better store power for you.

This allows you to use free and reliable power anytime and anywhere.

Wind generators consist of the following parts:

Wind wheel: It consists of multiple blades and converts wind energy into mechanical energy.

Generator: Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Speed increaser: Increase the wind wheel speed to meet the generator requirements.

Tall board: Controlling the windward steering of wind turbines.

More details below pictures:

Horizontal axis wind turbine disassembly diagram

The wind turbine’s specific working process is as follows:

1- Wind blows through the wind wheel, and the wind wheel rotates under the wind’s action.

2- Rotation of the wind wheel rotates the generator.

3- Generators produce electrical energy as they rotate.

4- Speed increase increases the wind wheel speed to meet the generator’s requirements.

5- The converter (wind controller) converts the wind turbine’s alternating current into deliverable alternating current.

Wind turbines advantages:

Clean and environmentally friendly: Wind power generation does not consume fuel and produce pollutants. It is a clean and environmentally friendly way of generating electricity.

Sustainable development: Wind energy is a renewable energy source that can be used continuously.

Economic benefits: Wind power is relatively cheap and economical.

Wind turbines are supported by towers (poles), PVMars provide different types of towers for optional

PVMARS has towers in 3m-18m lengths. You can fill out this form at the end-bottom and contact our staff for a customized quote.

Wind turbine components are divided into two parts, the turbine and the tower. PVMARS sends complete wind turbines to you.

After you receive the goods, you can immediately complete the installation without purchasing additional parts.

Invest in your 10kw-50kw solar wind turbine with PVMARS’ factory!

Play Video about PVMARS have complete solar system production line

Attentive 10kw-50kw solar wind turbine installation service

Our team provides detailed installation procedures for your DIY:

Download the vertical-axis wind turbine manual or read the horizontal-axis wind turbine installation guide.

We also have an installation team for wind solar hybrid system, if you request, tell our saff.

In addition, PVMARS invites third-party authorities to conduct QC safety inspections before each shipment – such as Bureau Veritas, CCIC, Intertek, etc.

Make sure the quality of your goods is excellent and can be imported into your country

Vertical-axis wind solar hybrid system installation manual

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