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Solar AC Units

If you do not need the solar system to power all your home appliances temporarily, it is also a smart choice to consider using solar AC units. It will save on your electricity bill.

Air conditioning seems to have become a necessity for modern households, accounting for 20%-30% of the total electricity bill.
In summer or winter, you can use air conditioning to keep your home comfortable.

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Solar AC Unit Vs Ordinary Air Conditioner

We tested power consumption in the factory. The ordinary air conditioner test used was a Gree brand. Learn more from the below video:

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How do solar AC units work?

Its main electricity generation comes from solar panels. During the day, when there is sufficient sunlight, the solar panels absorb the radiant energy from the sun and convert it into electrical energy.

It flows into your solar air conditioner through a controller. This enabled it to start with power and emit cold or warm wind to adjust the indoor temperature.

How does off grid solar ac unit work?

Home air conditioners are used more at night. Therefore, the solar AC unit will add a battery to store solar power for you to use when sleeping at night.
This is a set of basic solar air conditioner workflows and videos.

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In addition, solar AC units have been divided into many types based on diverse scenarios and needs.

How to choose the best solar AC unit?

PVMARS offers off-grid DC solar AC units, hybrid DC/AC solar air conditioners, vacuum tube DC solar air conditioners, on-grid solar AC units (without batteries), and more.

Air conditioners are divided into split air conditioners, central AC units, and small mini air conditioners.

Models range from 9000 BTU to 36000 BTU.
Cooling and heating effects: adjustable from -10℃ to 55℃.

For commercial purposes, such as onboard air conditioners on trucks, mobile cold-chain containers, RVs, etc., do you still rely on gasoline/diesel for power?

Come and try the vacuum tube solar AC units!

It does not require multiple solar panels. The built-in vacuum tube absorbs electromagnetic radiation, generates heat energy, and converts it into electrical energy through a controller. Easy to install and widely used.

For supermarkets, hotels, factories, hospitals, etc., central solar air conditioners are recommended:

Commercial central solar ac units

There are various options for solar AC units used in homes. If you don’t want air conditioners to appear on your electricity bill, off-grid DC solar air conditioners are your first choice.

Use different models according to the size of the room to achieve the ideal and comfortable temperature.

9000btu solar AC units Suitable Area: 11~17㎡:

11500btu solar AC units Suitable Area: 13~21㎡

12000btu solar AC units Suitable Area: 15~23㎡

If you work at home and use air conditioners all day long during the day, and are looking at rising electricity bills, you may consider vacuum tube solar AC units and grid-connected solar air conditioners, both battery-free designs.

You can make full use of sunlight during the day and reduce air conditioner power consumption.

Batteryless on grid solar ac units

If you also use the air conditioner at night, it is recommended to add batteries to your solar AC unit. Without a battery, a grid-tied solar air conditioner uses electricity from the utility grid to supplement its power.

Solar AC units have many benefits

Energy saving and environmental protection: It uses solar energy as the main energy source, so it can reduce dependence on traditional energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protect the environment.

Economical and affordable: Solar air conditioners operate much cheaper than traditional air conditioners, saving users 40% of their electricity bills.

High reliability: Solar AC units use solar collectors, which have a long service life.

Easy installation: Follow the PVMars manual to complete the installation easily and simply.

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