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Saipan hotel use 100kw solar system save high electricity bills
PVMars 100kW solar system can provide continuous power for the hotel's central air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, laundry facilities, televisions, lighting, kitchen equipment, guest rooms, etc.
Solar Wind mill Project for Farm Use
Maximizing energy efficiency through wind mill project - Find out how PVMARS helped a Kenyan client effectively combine wind energy with an existing 20kw solar system to solve the problem of insufficient solar output due to insufficient sunlight.
Rural electrification is the trend of the future, and solar energy systems are one of the most suitable choices as they provide a continuous supply of electricity in a renewable and sustainable manner.
In the rural areas of Angola, electricity is a luxury many people cannot afford. However, through the installation of a 20kW solar energy system, we have provided power for schools and other surrounding areas. By storing the generated electricity in batteries located in a nearby building, we can cater to
25kW Solar Wind Hybrid System for Remote Broadcast Station Use
Looking for a reliable solar wind energy system for your remote broadcasting station? Look no further than PVMARS.
1MW Solar Grid System Supply Distributed Generation for Hospital
PVMARS 1MW Solar Grid System produces tangible benefits for large general hospitals in Malaysia. It is estimated that the return on investment (ROI) will recover the cost within 3.8 years.
50kW Solar System with Lightning Conductor for Resort
This is a project for 10 sets of 5kW solar systems for 10 resorts, with a total of 50kW of power, and we also designed a lightning protection system. Why do we design it this way?
500kw solar power plant
This is an airport project on an island in Papua New Guinea that uses 500kw solar power plant as backup power. Provide a 24-hour uninterrupted electricity supply to a control center tower that does not have the city’s main power supply and includes 15 air conditioners, 2 motors, runway lights,
3kW Wind and Solar Energy Install in Peru for Holiday House
Wind and solar energy systems are widely used in areas off the utility grid, where electricity is expensive, and the average wind speed is 5m/s. Are you still worried about wind turbine noise? Or worry about no place to install a wind-solar hybrid system? Take a look at this case
This is a hospital built by a non-profit organization
The 15kW three-phase off-grid solar power backup system was designed by PVMARS Solar for a non-profit hospital in Somalia. Continuously and efficiently supplies power 24 hours a day.
What is the Photovoltaic System correct connection way?
After the photovoltaic system is installed, how to judge whether your system connection is correct? It is not enough to simply consider the start-up of the inverter and the transmission of power. Because electricity is complex, even if you make the wrong connection, you can keep the solar system working
Solar Light with Battery applied to a rice product factory in Tanzania
The PVMARS solar light with battery illuminates factory roads at night. Vehicle traffic was hampered by inadequate road lighting. In this article, we will introduce a solar street light and battery design that can be connected to the city's main power supply.
Solar and Wind Energy Hybrid for Power Shortage Home
If you are looking for efficient and sustainable energy solutions, combining solar and wind energy is your preferred choice to solve your 24-hour uninterrupted power needs.

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