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1MW Solar Grid System Supply Distributed Generation for Hospital

PVMARS 1MW Solar Grid System produces tangible benefits for large general hospitals in Malaysia. It is estimated that the return on investment (ROI) will recover the cost within 3.8 years.

Case review:

At the end of 2019, Mr. Jxx (in order to protect user privacy), the person in charge of purchasing the energy system traveled to China on a business trip. He inspected several photovoltaic energy factories. PVMARS is one of them.

Mr. Jxx talked with us and learned that we offer installation services. We also provide online and offline clean energy system training courses and free on-site maintenance for VIP users once every three months. PVMARS deeply impressed him.

In 2020, they contacted us to design an energy system solution for general hospitals and were finally selected to provide solar power grid systems.

What does a 1MW grid-connected solar system have?

PVMars grid-connected solar energy system drawing

In Malaysia, the local government offers an RM0.21/kWh subsidy for solar grid-tied systems.

Mr. Jxx and the others hope that this system can not only meet the daily electricity demand of the hospital. It can also generate excess electricity to feed back to the utility grid to earn subsidies.

According to the hospital’s power consumption, the installation site area, the environment, and the ROI of Mr. Jxx can accept, PVMARS consults and other information.

Design a 1MW grid-connected solar electricity system.

The following are details of the scheme:

  • 1820 pieces of 550w PERC solar panels + tin roof solar panel bracket
  • 65 sets of H8T PV combiner (built-in lightning protection device)
  • 10 sets of 100KW grid-connected solar inverters (with WIFI module)
  • 10 DC and AC control cabinets
  • 15000 meters of PV cables
  • PV system installation tool

How are on-grid solar systems connected?

First of all, the grid-connected system does not have a battery backup, so it is not as complicated as an energy storage system.

On grid solar system for home, factory, farm use

We need to pay more attention to how solar panels are connected to the grid-tied inverter.

Different brands of grid-connected inverter technology may have slight deviations, but most of the Max PV panels input is 850V-1000V.

In this case, the 550W PERC solar open circuit voltage (VOC) is 50V, which means 850V / 50V = 17.

This means that each 100kW on-grid inverter can accept a maximum of 17 series of VOCS. All of which involve 50V photovoltaic modules.

So 1820 solar panels will line up and become 1820 / 17 = 107.058 solar panels in parallel?

Of course not!

17 PV modules connected in series represent the maximum DC voltage input the inverter can accommodate.

At this point, you can use 14 solar panels in series, which is 1820 / 14 = 130 solar panels in parallel.

Within the range of the maximum input voltage, we can freely change the series-parallal connection of each group of solar panels to meet our actual needs.

PVMARS provides online one-to-one installation video support, click here to consult!

photovoltaic power station of solar panel connection drawing

ROI of grid-tied solar systems?

Earlier we learned that in Malaysia, electricity selling subsidies are RM0.21/kWh.

According to local sunshine time of about 5 hours, a 1MW solar grid system can generate about 5.005MWH=5005kWh of distributed power generation a day.

If the hospital has about 6kWh left every day, it will be about 2000kWh+ a year, and it will earn about RM420,000 in revenue.

This clean energy system will be used for free after 3.8 years compared to the funds invested in solar energy.

According to the 25-year lifespan of solar panels proposed by the International Energy Organization, there will be up to 21 years of free electricity in the future.

If you want to know the price of this system, click here.

Solar grid system Install service

We experienced the epidemic in 2020, but PVMARS keeps its promises.

All difficulties were overcome, and senior technicians were sent to Malaysia to assist with installation.

The installation took 20 days, of which 5 days were training on solar system use and maintenance.

1MW solar grid system installation

The grid-connected system also includes remote monitoring software for transmitting real-time data to display performance.

The software also alerts users when solar panels need cleaning and servicing.


PVMARS’ solar grid system provides an ideal solution for distributed generation. More and more businesses are generating their own electricity and using it on-site or selling it back to the grid.

The system promotes sustainable energy use, lowers the carbon footprint, and reduces reliance on conventional energy sources.

So why wait? Choose PVMARS’ solar grid tie systems today and start reaping the benefits of a cleaner, greener energy solution for your business.

Mr. Liu
Mr. Liu is an experienced engineer of PVMARS with in-depth research on photovoltaic and wind energy aspects. As an excellent solar installer, he has always been passionate about all aspects of domestic and industrial and commercial solar projects.

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We sincerely hope to work with like-minded partners. Win-win cooperation to achieve harmonious coexistence between mankind and nature.

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