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3kW Wind and Solar Energy Install in Peru for Holiday House

Wind and solar energy systems are widely used in areas off the utility grid, where electricity is expensive, and the average wind speed is 5m/s.

Are you still worried about wind turbine noise? Or worry about no place to install a wind-solar hybrid system? Take a look at this case and all your problems will be solved.

Why wind and solar energy systems?

Mr. Carxx (privacy protection) is a solar system installer in Peru and Ecuador. With over 10 years of experience installing photovoltaic systems and runs a team of professional installers.

In 2018, he contacted PVMARS through Google Mail. His email contains the following:

A customer inquiry 3kW hybrid solar wind energy system email

After communication, it turned out that it was his client who built a starry sky holiday house on a mountain of more than 1,000 meters to provide accommodation for tourists.

3kW wind and solar energy install for starry sky holiday house

However, there is no public utility grid on the mountain, limited solar resources, and rugged mountain roads make diesel delivery expensive.

They want to use wind and solar resources should be combined for a 24-hour power supply.

How to install wind and solar energy systems?

Mr. Carxx’s team had never installed wind turbines. This project is a challenge and an opportunity.

They searched for wind turbine suppliers online and offline, but none could provide complete professional solutions for hybrid power systems—until PVMARS.

We know wind turbines are very affected by local terrain and wind speed.

Before taking over this project, we conducted a survey on the local installation environment and wind speed. — click on the orange text to learn more about how wind speed is queried.

After confirming that the installation area meets the average wind speed of 5m/s, we began to design this 3kW wind-solar hybrid system including:

  • Solar panels
  • Wind turbine
  • Solar/wind energy controller—The controller within a 5kW model is integrated. And the solar controller and wind controller are separated for models higher than 5kW.
  • Combiner box – It protects against lightning and solar panels. It is recommended to install both.
  • Inverter—converts clean energy direct current into alternating current
  • Battery – stores excess power, backups on rainy days or at night
  • Solar panels support
  • Wind turbine pole/tower—design different types of support poles according to your actual situation.
  • Wires and Installation Tools

Please see how the hybrid wind energy and solar energy are connected in the figure below, and work together to provide an uninterrupted power supply.

5000W Hybrid solar and wind energy system connection drawing

More about battery installation and wind turbine maintenanceplease click on the orange font to jump to related pages and videos.

According to the installation instructions and videos provided by PVMARS. Mr. Carxx’s team successfully completed this combined case of a 3kW wind and solar system.

He shared the installation picture with us. Please click to enlarge the picture below to watch:

How to solve the problem of wind turbine noise?

Because this is a project never been tried before, Mr. Carxx only proposed a requirement for 3kW wind + 1200w solar energy at the beginning.

And in searching online, I saw someone saying that wind turbines would make a lot of noise. This became one of their concerns.

For wind turbine noise, PVMARS has already tested it, and provided this detection video and report to Mr. Carxx. — click the orange text to jump to the target article to solve your doubts about wind turbine noise.

Bringing Reliable Power to Peru Tourist Areas:

The positive outcome of the partnership with PVMARS has seen Mr. Carxx’s clients reinvest in multiple 3kW wind and solar energy systems.

These renewable resource facilities provide 24-hour sustainable and reliable power sources for nearby tourist attractions. Click on the images below to watch videos of these systems in action.

By harnessing wind and solar power, the nearby area now has a sustainable and eco-friendly solution that supports local tourism

Environmental and economic benefits:

Wind and solar energy provide a recyclable power source but also offer several environmental and economic advantages. By utilizing existing natural resources, Mr. Carxx’s clients minimize their carbon footprint.

Additionally, the ability to produce clean energy also translates into long-term cost savings. As they are no longer entirely dependent on purchasing electricity from outside.

In conclusion,

This case highlights the amazing potential of combining wind and solar energy systems.

Integrating these renewable energy sources provides a sustainable solution. To meeting growing energy demands in remote areas with limited access to conventional grids.

By leveraging the expertise of PVMARS clean energy technology companies, we can unleash the power of wind and solar to transform remote locations into thriving, self-sufficient communities.

Ayla Zhu
Ayla Zhu is a content developer at PVMARS Solar. She has done her bachelors in English and master’s in Sociology. Prior to PVMARS, Ayla worked as a writer for different brands from the health, aviation, and pharma industries. She is passionate about sustainability and is currently exploring all things renewable energy!

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